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Carl Manfred: "One of Detroit's brightest lights"

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Reports of famous artist Carl Manfred's death have been confirmed. The coroner's [sic] described a "fatal cardiac event", induced by a stressful domestic situation. Manfred's son, Leo, has asked the media to respect his family's privacy at this difficult time.

Carl Manfred rose to fame in 2020s as a figurehead of neo-symbolism, with powerful and dark works in the mold of Francis Bacon.

Proliferate years followed, until a dark period marked by alcohol and drugs. But the artist had apparently returned to work in recent months.

The Governor of Detroit expressed her condolences to the family on behalf of the city, describing Manfred as "one of Detroit's brightest lights". A collection of Manfred's paintings will be auctioned by his estate in the coming weeks.

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This magazine is located in the Waiting for Hank... chapter, specifically on a desk in the center of the station. It will only show up if Markus chose not to attack Leo in the Broken chapter.