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Department of Defense poised to order 50,000 android troopers

With miles of unspoiled nature, Canada is the true land of the free...

President Warren to make state visit to United Kingdom

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This supplements an estimated 200,000 units already in service across the US military (actual numbers are a guarded military secret).

Among these 50,000 new units are 2,500 'Myrmidons', elite prototypes capable of infiltration and assassination missions that would historically fall to the Navy Seals.

The US Army's fighting forces are already comprised mainly of androids, with humans tending to serve as commanders and strategists. But even these positions are supported by complex A.I., leading some to describe the US military as the first "fully autonomous" fighting force.

This has re-opened the ethical debate around androids in the military, with some suggesting that machines don't have the moral reasoning to make life-and-death decision in the field. Bob Woods, head of a war victims NGP, described the news as "troubling", saying "machines are focused on a single task, and don't evaluate moral consequences well - this will mean more civilian deaths".

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