Gordon Penwick is a human in Detroit: Become Human.

Biography Edit

Gordon Penwick was born June 10, 1980.

Gordon Penwick is a preacher in Detroit who gives a sermon every Sunday in his church on the topic of how androids have perverted human society.

For him and a growing community of believers, technology is the instrument of the devil, sent not to liberate man but to enslave him. He preaches eagerly for the awakening of the sinners, that they realize the mistake they are making before it is too late...[1]

Game Edit

In the chapter "Shades of Color", he is seen standing around the shopping area in Greektown. He talks about how creating androids is like trying to be God, how people are too reliant on androids and how technology is corrupting humans. He will continue to rant if not approached by Markus. If Markus approaches, he will say "Why do you look at me so, demon? I know who you are, I can see through you! You are the one by whom The Evil will come!...You are the one who will destroy Detroit!" then will continue his speech.

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Notes Edit

  • Ironically, Gordon is correct with his assumption of Markus as Markus eventually does lead the Androids to take the city, either through peaceful or violent ways, unless he is killed before/during the final battle.