Greektown is a location in Detroit: Become Human. It is a historic commercial and entertainment district in Detroit, located just northeast of the heart of downtown.

Among others, it has a CyberLife store and Bellini Paints.


On November 5, 2038, Markus visits Greektown to pick up an order from the Bellini Paints store.

Outside the CyberLife store, a small anti-android protest has congregated, led by an Android Protest Leader. Outside the James & Carter, Gordon Penwick preaches against androids. A food stand, staffed by Douglas Mitchell, sells hot dogs and a Busker plays the guitar and sings. A beggar asks for help, having become unemployed due to androids.

Public WR600 androids maintain the park and a WG100 cleans the plaza.


Featured is a part of Greektown near St. Mary Roman Catholic Church. There is a small public park called the Henry Ford Commemorative Park, and a small plaza surrounded by businesses and with a fountain with a statue of Arnold Brook.

Stores and businesses:

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