HAPPY FAMILY is a silver trophy in Detroit: Become Human. To earn this trophy, the player must keep Kara and Alice alive and choose to help Luther in Crossroads when he gets shot, then near the end of the chapter select PLAY DEAD and DON'T MOVE.

During Battle for Detroit, Kara must help Luther in the streets towards the bus station. This will also save Jerry. Select the fast but risky route towards the bus station and use these options when talking to the soldier: ALICE EXCUSE, STAY CALM, COLD, DO NOTHING, and DO NOTHING again. This will let the trio pass the police men.

Once at the bus station, go towards the far left corner. A mother and a baby will be sitting down. Interact with them and let the scene unfold. When they drop their bus tickets, keep them, and lie about having seen them. Use these tickets to get into the bus that will head to the canadian border.

Once at the border, a Jerry will be on the right line, use L1 to interact with him and he will say you can use him. Once at the start of the line, choose to sacrifice Jerry or if the Public Opinion is SUPPORTIVE, choose NO SACRIFICE, the cop will then let Kara and the others pass into Canada and the trophy will be earned once the rest of the chapter is completed.

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