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I've learned a lot since I met you, Connor. Maybe there's something to this. Maybe you really are alive.
Hank to Connor after killing Connor-60 in CyberLife Tower[src]

Lieutenant Hank Anderson is a human in Detroit: Become Human. He is a detective in the Detroit City Police Department who works at DPD Central Station and holds a grudge against androids. He serves as the deuteragonist of Connor's story.

Tasked with investigating cases involving deviant androids, he is assigned the RK800 android, Connor, to assist him with deviant android cases.



Hank Anderson was born on September 6, 1985.[1] He was born and raised in Detroit.[2]

Hank and Jeffrey Fowler were classmates and have known each other for a long time.

Hank graduated top of his class[2] and as Valedictorian[1] of his police academy and joined the Detroit City Police Department. He started out as a beat cop on the streets[1] and eventually became a police detective.

In 2027 and 2028, Hank was part of the Red Ice Task Force that cracked down on dealers that distributed the drug Red Ice. In 2029, (reported in the news on August 22) he was promoted to the rank of lieutenant, making him the youngest lieutenant in Detroit history. He went on to secure several high-profile arrests and served as an integral part of the task force, continuing to be a member until at least 2031.[3] At some point, he joined the homicide division.

Just a month after he was promoted to the rank of lieutenant, Hank's son, Cole, was born on September 23, 2029. In 2035, he and Cole were in a car accident, when a truck skidded on a sheet of ice presumably hitting Hank's car and causing it to roll over. Cole needed emergency surgery and was operated on by an android because the human surgeon was unavailable due to being under the influence of Red Ice. Cole did not survive, dying on October 11th of 2035.

Cole's death led Hank into a spiral of immense grief, depression, alcoholism, and suicidal tendencies.[1] Given the circumstances of his son's death, this made him develop resentment towards androids, blaming them for the death of his son.

His job performance also suffered in the years since then, stalling his once brilliant career. He has received a notable amount of disciplinary actions from the department and Captain Jeffrey Fowler.[2][1]

Hank lives in a house with his dog, Sumo. He spends most of his free time at home with his dog[1] or at various bars,[1] such as Jimmy's Bar. He eats out at the Chicken Feed most of the time.[2]


In "Partners", he is seen sitting in Jimmy's Bar, watching a Detroit Gears basketball game on the wall-mounted TV and drinking an alcoholic beverage. Connor arrives and informs him that he was sent by CyberLife and was assigned to assist him in investigations. Connor asks Hank to come with him to the crime scene, but Hank will be stubborn about leaving the bar, and Connor will have to persuade him to come. If Connor is aggressive and spills Hank's drink, he will become angry at Connor, but he will still go. If Connor is courteous, he will reluctantly agree to go.

He and Connor drive to the crime scene, where a deviant android killed its owner. Hank orders Connor to wait in the car. Connor, however, will ignore his orders as they contradict Cyberlife’s given instructions. As Connor approaches the house, an android cop will stop him and inform that he is not authorized to be there. Hank will inform the android that Connor is with him and will be annoyed at him for not staying in the car. Ben Collins, a fellow detective, greets Hank and tells him that the victim, Carlos Ortiz, was murdered by his housekeeping android. While Hank and Connor enter the house, the latter can examine the crime scene and reconstruct the events.

The Interrogation

Hank will attempt to interrogate the HK400, but fail to get a confession or response from the android and walks out of the room. Connor suggests that he could try to question the android and Hank allows Connor to interrogate the android. If Connor manages to get said confession, Hank appears to be impressed. If Connor does not pressure it too much, Gavin Reed will tell Officer Chris Miller to forcefully take the HK400 to its cell. If Connor intervenes, Gavin will pull out his gun and threaten Connor to back off. Hank will pull out his gun as well and tell Gavin to stand down. Gavin will be furious, before leaving the room anyway. If the HK400 is pressured too much, it will self-destruct and Connor can be shot and killed by it. Hank will be shocked by the death(s) of the HK400 (and Connor).

Waiting for Hank...

Hank arrives late to work while Connor waits for him. Connor will look at Hank's desk and find that Hank is not there. He can ask one of Hank's co-workers named Officer Wilson about Hank's whereabouts, and the officer will respond that it depends on where he was the night before. Connor can call Hank and observe items at Hank's desk to understand him better.

When Hank arrives, Captain Fowler will tell him to get in his office, to which Jeffrey will inform him that he has decided to assign Hank to deal with the deviant cases. Hank argues that he is unqualified for the job. Jeffrey tells him that he is more qualified than anyone in the department and orders him to stop being disrespectful, as he does not want to have to file any more disciplinary actions against him. In addition, Jeffrey wants Hank to utilize Connor and to cooperate with Connor and threatens Hank to turn in his badge if he does not like the idea of taking the cases. Hank will storm out of his office and head to his desk.

Connor will follow and asks him where can he sit down. Hank will gesture to sit at the empty desk across from him. Connor can talk to Hank about various topics, based on the clues Connor uncovered at his desk. Connor can ask Hank if he can look at the case files on deviants. After Connor reviews the case files, Hank will purposely ignore Connor by looking at his tablet. When Connor attempts to reason with him about getting assigned cases that he does not like, Hank gets peeved and shoves him against the desk partition, telling Connor that he is pissing him off. If Kara is alive, Officer Chris Miller will interrupt and tell him that he has information on an AX400 assaulting and/or killing a man and reports of the case in the Ravendale district. However, if Kara is dead, Hank will let go of Connor and head out for lunch.[3]

On the Run

If Kara and Alice stayed at the motel, Hank and Connor will arrive at the Eastern Motel based on a tip. They talk to Joseph Sheldon to see if AX400 Kara was here. Joseph recognizes the android. Hank and Connor find out they escaped.

If Kara and Alice chose to squat in the abandoned house, Hank will talk to Isaac Falone, an ABCD bus controller, about witnessing an AX400 in the area. The police lock down the area and search for Kara. Connor will decide to check the abandoned house with Hank, and he will tell Connor to be careful. Connor will pressure Ralph to tell him where Kara is or find her himself. If Connor fails to find Kara after some time, Hank will walk in and tell Connor that they are leaving, prompting Kara and Alice to escape without being caught. If Connor finds Kara, he will call Hank and tell them they are here and chase after them.

A police officer will gesture towards Kara and Alice, telling Connor that they are running towards the fence near the freeway. Connor will attempt to climb the fence, but Hank will grab his shoulder and tell him that he could get himself killed. If Connor climbs the fence, Hank will be disappointed. If Connor gets hit by a truck crossing the highway, Hank will be upset.

The Nest

After Waiting for Hank...(Only if Kara was already dead), or otherwise if Connor didn't die in On the Run, Hank decides to head for lunch, Connor will be in the car with Hank and step out. When Hank is at the Chicken Feed food truck, he will greet Pedro Aabdar, a gambler, and they will discuss horse race bets. Hank tells him that his last "shit hot tip" made him lose money. Pedro will convince him that he will not lose money this time and Hank will give him the money. Pedro will then leave with the money. Hank will get annoyed when Connor follows him out of the car. Gary, the owner gives Hank the food he ordered, which is comprised of a hamburger and a soda. Connor can talk to Hank about various topics.

If Connor died in the chase, Hank will be seen ordering food from Gary and will be shocked that Connor is here.

Hank and Connor arrive at an abandoned apartment complex, which they received a tip of from a neighbor that lives next door, who claims that they witnessed a suspicious person hanging around it, attempting to hide a LED under his cap. Hank will tell Connor to knock on the door. There will be no response. Connor will shout "Open up! Detroit Police!" and will hear noises from within the room. Hank will break down the door, but they will find the room empty. He and Connor investigate the room for clues. If Connor can reconstruct events, he will find Rupert, a deviant android hiding in the attic. Hank and Connor chase Rupert through Urban Farms of Detroit. Hank will try to keep up with the chase. If Connor dies during the chase, Hank will be disappointed. If Connor follows Rupert, Hank will catch up and try to take down Rupert. Rupert will throw Hank off the building, and Hank can be seen holding on to the edge of the rooftop. The player is then given the choice to help him up or go after Rupert. If Connor saves Hank, he will be grateful to him, but will not admit it, and they will lose sight of Rupert. If Connor goes after Rupert, Hank will recover from his near fall and slap Connor for leaving him, which has a negative influence on their relationship. Hank will handcuff Rupert, but Rupert will commit suicide by leaping off the building. [2]

Russian Roulette

Connor will arrive at Hank's house, Hank is seen collapsed on the kitchen floor with a scotch whiskey bottle and his gun, a .357 magnum revolver, on the floor. Connor will break in and he will meet Sumo, Hank's dog. Connor will wake up Hank, who is drunk and hungover. Hank will get annoyed that Connor is here and tell Sumo to attack, which is ignored by Sumo. Connor will turn on the shower to get Hank sober. Hank will wake up and Connor will try to convince Hank to come with him to a murder case. Hank will tell him to get him some clothes and Connor will give it to him and leave the bathroom. Connor can check stuff in his house and pet Sumo. Hank will be dressed and head out of the house with Connor.[4]

If Connor died in the previous mission Hank won't believe its Connor at the moment.

The Eden Club

Hank and Connor will arrive at Eden Club, a sex club, and a crime scene where a deviant android has murdered a human customer. Hank will talk to Ben Collins and he will tell Hank where the victim is located and that Gavin is in the room. When entering the room, Officer Chris Miller is taking photos of the crime, and Gavin is examining the crime scene. Gavin gets annoyed that Hank and Connor are here. He tells them it is a waste of time for them to be here and insults both Hank and Connor. Gavin will eventually leave and Chris will give his respect to Hank and will leave. Connor can examine the crime scene and finds the victims, Michael Graham was strangled to death by an android.

  • If Connor idles for too long before entering the room, Hank asks Connor what is he doing.
  • In The Eden Club, he will turn down a WR400 and will be embarrassed at explaining it.

The Bridge

Hank and Connor retreat to a park after investigating the Eden Club, a drunk Hank will talk about the Tracis' love for one another and will talk to Connor about shooting or not shooting the Tracis. Hank questions Connor's existence and purpose, eventually drawing a gun on him. If they have a relationship that is tense or above, he merely threatens to kill Connor before leaving “to get drunker”. If their relationship is hostile, Hank pauses for a moment before shooting Connor in the head, killing him.[5]

Public Enemy

Hank and Connor are seen riding the elevator in Stratford Tower to get up to broadcast room for Channel 16. If Hank shot Connor in The Bridge , the new Connor will ask why Hank had shot him, and Hank will sarcastically apologize for shooting him. If Hank did not shoot Connor, Connor will be seen playing with his quarter, which Hank then confiscates. Hank will be greeted by Chris, who tells them what happened and introduces them to FBI Special Agent Perkins, who acts very rude to Hank and Connor.

Meet Kamski

If Connor did not get killed in Public Enemy, Hank and Connor will arrive together to approach Elijah Kamski, founder and former CEO of CyberLife, to ask him about the deviancy of his androids. If Connor was killed in Public Enemy, Hank will drive to Kamski's house alone and meet Connor there. He's seen to be disappointed by Connor's re-appearance. Once inside and after meeting Kamski, Connor will be asked to execute a Chloe, one of the first androids produced by CyberLife and the first to pass the Turing test. If Connor chooses to spare its life, Kamski will tell them nothing, but Hank decides that Connor felt empathy and made the right choice. If Connor chooses to sacrifice Chloe, Kamski will respond to Connor's question about rA9, Jericho's whereabouts, or how deviancy works, while Hank walks out. Either way, Kamski will warn about a coming war between humanity and androids, and Connor has to choose a side. He also mentions an emergency exits in all his programs. Hank then is seen to be very disappointed with Connor's choice and acts hostile with him when Connor meets him outside.

Last Chance, Connor

Connor and Hank are seen at the Detroit Police Department Central Station inside Captain Jeffrey Fowler's office. Fowler tells them that they are off the case and that the FBI has taken over the investigation. Hank is angry and frustrated that they have been taken off the case. Fowler tells him that he could not do anything about it. If Hank's relationship with Connor is HOSTILE, Hank will quit the police force and leave the station. If they have a relationship above HOSTILE, Hank will leave the office and go to his desk.

If Connor killed Chloe in Meet Kamski and learned of the location of Jericho from Kamski, he will automatically go to find Jericho. If Jericho's location is unknown, Connor is determined to find Jericho and asks Hank for help, emphasizing that CyberLife will destroy him if he fails to find the location of Jericho. Special Agent Richard Perkins will arrive to collect the evidence Connor and Hank have gathered in their investigation, and transfer it out of police to FBI custody.

If Hank's relationship with Connor is FRIEND, Hank will let Connor borrow his ID card. Connor will ask Hank to distract Perkins. Hank will walk over and punch Perkins in the nose and Perkins will threaten Hank about getting him fired. If their relationship is WARM, NEUTRAL, or TENSE, he will leave the station, and Connor will take Hank's ID card and will have to use a prisoner that is in a holding cell as a distraction.

Night of the Soul

In "Night of the Soul", if the relationship is hostile, Connor comes to visit Hank at his home (If Connor and Hank's relationship is higher than hostile, Hank is not met in this chapter). Connor will find Hank sitting at the table with a gun and a photo of his late son. Connor can converse with Hank, whether it is to apologize or to initially gloat. Hank's response will differ depending on whether Connor has died at all throughout the game:

  • If Connor died once or not at all in any chapters that Hank is present in, Hank will express his hatred of Androids and that Connor made him realize just how ruthless they can be.
  • If Connor died at least twice in any chapters that Hank is present in, Hank will say that every time he witnessed Connor die and come back, it made him think of his son Cole, and then laments that "Humans don't come back."

Hank then tells Connor to leave, when Connor hesitates, Hank furiously demands that he leaves. He commits suicide after Connor leaves the door.[6] Howling of his dog Sumo can be heard.

If Connor was deactivated, Hank would commit suicide later in a mid-credit scene. (The "Kamski Ending")

Battle for Detroit

Connor at the CyberLife Tower

If Connor becomes deviant, and Hank is alive, Connor will try to wake the androids in the CyberLife Tower warehouse, but he will be interrupted by another Connor threatening to shoot Hank. If Hank is friends with Connor, he attempts to struggle with the double, and Connor can choose to save him, resulting in a fight between the two androids. Hank manages to gain the fake Connor's gun but is unable to tell which is his Connor, thus he asks personal questions:

  • If the real Connor answers Hank's question on his son's name correctly, he also relates the tragic story behind Cole's death and assures Hank it was not his fault. Hank admits he blames the human doctor who was not available due to being high on Red Ice. He then shoots the fake Connor and permits his friend to awaken the other androids.
  • If the real Connor answers both questions incorrectly, Hank will believe that he is fake and shoot him instead. The second Connor will then tell Hank that he made the wrong choice, and leave. Hank will be shocked that he killed the real Connor.

  • If Connor sacrifices him, he will say sorry to Hank while trying to wake up the androids. Hank will be shot by the double. Connor will fight the double and depending on the outcome. If Connor wins, he will rush over to Hank, who is slowly dying. Hank will tell Connor that he is going to miss him and that he will be able to see his son again before he dies.

  • If Connor does not know Hank's dog's name, non-deviant Connor will urge Hank to shoot the deviant. Hank will not trust either of them and will ask about his son's name.[7]

    Connor's Last Mission

    When Connor is setting up a sniper rifle on a building rooftop around Hart Plaza, Hank will interrupt and won’t allow him to kill the deviant leader (Markus or North). If their relationship has been hostile, Hank will have committed suicide before this event takes place. In that case, Captain Allen and his team show up instead.

    • If Connor did not mention Hank's son, Hank will turn hostile and fight Connor.

    • If Connor wins the fight, he has the choice to save or kill Hank. If he kills Hank, he will leave the rooftop after noticing that the sniper rifle was damaged. If Connor saves Hank, Hank will try to push him off the rooftop.

  • Alternatively, if Connor loses the fight, Hank will kill him.

  • If Connor acts friendly toward Hank, Connor will drop the gun and leave the rooftop, while Hank stays behind.

  • Credits scenes

    Hank and Connor Embracing, dubbed by some players the "Best Ending"

    Hank might have additional scenes available in the game's mid-credit scenes depending on your story.

    1. If Connor and Hank are both alive; their relationship status is FRIEND and there has been a successful android uprising, they would reconvene. Hank is seen waiting in front of the Chicken Feed. Connor arrives, they look at each other for a moment, then smile and embrace.[8]
    2. If Connor was deactivated by CyberLife for failing to find Jericho, Kara died or became Zlatko's servant, and Markus died in Freedom March or was banned from Jericho, Hank is seen at his home playing Russian roulette with his revolver before shooting himself in the head. (Also known as the "Kamski Ending")




    Hank is a tall man with gray jaw-length hair and a full beard. Due to a poor diet and alcoholism, he possesses a small beer belly and a generally disorganized appearance. Hank has blue eyes and a relative retro fashion style. During his youth, Hank possessed short blonde hair, as seen in photos and the image that comes up when Connor scans Hank.

    Hank has several outfits:

    • A brown jacket over a shirt and dark pants.
    • A warmer, darker jacket over a shirt and dark pants.
    • Three colorful shirts worn exchangeable with the above: "Hippy", "Stripy", or "Streaky".
    • A dark grey DPD hooded sweatshirt.
    • A grey T-shirt and grey boxers.

    Hank is far from stylish and is often seen dressing untidily in private areas.


    Hank was once a competent and courageous person, recommended in his field of work and highly regarded by his colleagues, professionally and personally. Since his son's death, he has changed, becoming gruff and ill-tempered with a low opinion of the world and humanity.[1] He is angry about emotionless beings that take orders without regard to lives, both in humans and androids. From time to time he is friends with people who break part of the law, as is the case of Pedro Aabdar and Gary Kayes that he says if they do not hurt anyone he does not have problems with them.

    Hank has gained self-destructive behaviors, suffering from alcoholism and suicidal tendencies.[1][4] He is quite aware of his condition, stating that he is killing himself a little bit each day as he can not bring himself to outright commit suicide.[5]

    He is not particular about the letter of the law; as long as it hurts no one, Hank lets it be.[2]

    Hank is embarrassed about ordering a prostitute service, even though Connor requested him to rent a Traci for helping to track the blue-haired Traci. He also thinks Connor may have a humanistic desire for companionship, as shown in Connor's insisting ongoing to Eden Club, Connor being distracted by displayed models and Connor's comment on Chloe.

    He hates androids because they allow people to skip out on their jobs. Because a skilled doctor was high on Red Ice at the time Cole needed surgery to survive their car accident, an android had to perform the task; it failed. This is why he treats androids with such disregard (though not as much as his rival, Gavin).

    Hank is disgusted by Connor's repeated tasting of android and human blood for forensics. Hank also shows in several occasions that he unknowingly wants Connor to act humanely, almost-always disapproval when Connor acts like a machine.

    He is sick of happy people, and when meeting Kamski wonders how his creator would respond if he meets it.

    He does not want to affiliate with anyone but a bartender at the start of the story.

    During game

    • The plight of the deviant androids may move Hank, who starts to consider them in a better light and stops blaming them for his son's death. He will help a Deviant Connor and oppose a Machine Connor.
    • If Connor repeatedly dies and returns, Hank is reminded of Cole's death.
    • Hank and Connor may become closer and even friends, making Hank open up about his son's death. If Connor becomes deviant, befriends Hank, and survives until the end, Hank seems to form a bond and remains a close friend to Connor.
    • If Hank is hostile to Connor, he may become his enemy, with the two of them eventually confronting and possibly killing each other.
    • Hank may become fed up with everything and quit his job. He finally commits suicide.

    Gameplay determinant elements

    Possible Deaths

    • Suicide (determinant)

    If Connor has a hostile relationship with Hank, Hank will resign from his job and then commit suicide in Night of the Soul. Hank will either mourn about Cole if Connor died more than two times, or he will rail against Androids before committing suicide off the screen. Hank will also commit suicide by playing Russian roulette if Connor is decommissioned, Kara dies, and Markus dies all before Crossroads (what some players call the Kamski ending.)

    • Killed by Connor (determinant)

    If Connor remains a machine in Crossroads and Hank has not committed suicide in the Night of the Soul, he will appear on the Hart Plaza rooftop attempting to stop Connor in Battle for Detroit - Connor’s Last Mission. When Connor beats Hank, he can choose to let go of Hank, killing him. Alternatively, If Connor spares Hank when Hank attacks Connor and Connor dodges Hank’s attack, Hank will fall off the roof to his death.

    If Connor chooses to sacrifice Hank instead of saving him or chooses to resume conversion after "saving Hank" in Battle for Detroit - Connor at the CyberLife Tower, Hank will be shot by the other Connor and die. If Connor successfully transferred his consciousness into the other Connor’s body, Hank will tell Connor that he is just gonna go see his son again, something he has been looking forward to for a long time and that he will miss Connor.

    Killed Victims

    This list shows the victims Hank has killed.

    Behind the scenes

    • Hank Anderson is portrayed by Clancy Brown, who provided his likeness, the voice acting and performance capture.
      • In some scenes, Dominic Gould acted as a body double for Hank.
      • In dubbed versions Hank Anderson's voice was acted by: Paul Borne (French), Hiroshi Iwasaki (Japanese), Mirosław Zbrojewicz (Polish), Marco Balzarotti (Italian), Cyril Radzig (Russian), Torsten Münchow (German), Luis Bajo (European Spanish), José Luis Orozco (Latin American Spanish), Mauro Ramos (Brazillian Portuguese).


    • "You know where you can stick your instructions?"- When choosing the "Persist" response to Hank in Partners.

    • "I am perfectly comfortable... Now back off, before I crush you like an empty beer can! "- Hank's response to Connor's "Understanding" in Partners.

    • "Wonders of technology... They can even program assholes these days... "- Hank insulting Connor after Connor spills Hank's drink in Partners.

    • "Err, Jesus! What the hell are you doing?...Ok, just don't put anymore evidence in your mouth, you got it?" - When seeing Connor sample evidence for the first time in Partners.

    • "You spill a man's drink, you piss him off all evening, and then you ask for a favor? Fuck you." - If Connor spilled Hank’s drink before in Partners.

    • "You don't know what you're talking about, so why don't you just run your program, and shut the fuck up?!"- Connor pissing off Hank in Waiting for Hank....

    • "Listen asshole, if it was up to me I'd throw the lot of ya in a dumpster and set a match to it, so stop pissing me off! Or things are gonna get nasty."- Hank getting annoyed at Connor in Waiting for Hank...

    • "Oh, wow... You've even got a brown-nosing apology program! Guys at CyberLife thought of everything, huh?"- If Connor apologizes for his behavior at the police station during The Nest.

    • "No, now is not a good time to review anything, now is my lunch break, so just go into standby and cut me some slack okay?"

    • “You bastard! You saw I was gonna fall and you'd rather let me die than fail your fucking mission! What am I to you? A statistic? A "zero", a "one" in your fucking program? Uh? Is that how you see humans, you bastard?! Jesus!” - Hank if Connor choose to chase Rupert during The Nest

    • "Everybody's gotta die of something." - If Connor chooses "cholesterol" during The Nest.

    • ”Why did they make you look so goofy and give you that weird voice?” ...... “Well, they fucked up.” - To Connor if the player chooses the ABOUT CONNOR dialogue option in The Nest.

    • "Connor?... Oh, you're not Connor... Connor's dead! I know he is!..." - Hank's reaction to seeing a new Connor in Russian Roulette after Connor died in The Nest.

    • "Sumo!..Attack!...Good Dog." - When Connor picks him off the floor and carries him to the bathroom in Russian Roulette.

    • "GO AHEAD! TELL THEM! I DON'T GIVE A SHIT!!!!!" - Hank's response to Connor threating him in Russian Roulette."

    • "I don't give a shit about your goddamn case!" - Hank's response to Connor's "RATIONAL" advice in Russian Roulette.

    • "Whoa! Hey! Hey! Argh, Connor, you're so disgusting...Think I'm gonna puke again..."- When Hank sees Connor taking a sample of the Traci's blood in The Eden Club.

    • "Yeah, the more I learn about people, the more I love my dog." - Hank talking to the Eden Club Manager.

    • "People are fucking insane... They don't want relationships anymore, everybody just gets an android... They cook what you want, they screw when you want, you don't have to worry about how they feel... Next thing you know, we're gonna be extinct, because everybody would rather buy a piece of plastic than love another human being... Beats me."- If enough time passes in the The Eden Club warehouse, Hank will voice his opinion on the nature of human beings.

    • "Do all androids ask so many personal questions or is it just you?" - When choosing 'Personal Question' response in The Bridge.

    • "Some things, I just can't forget... Whatever I do, they're always there... Eating away at me... I don't have the guts to pull the trigger... So, I kill myself a little every day... That's probably difficult for you to understand, huh, Connor? Nothing very rational about it." - Hank expressing his sorrow to Connor when asked "Why are you so determined to kill yourself?" in the Bridge.

    • "What about you Connor? You look human, you sound human... but what are you really?" - Hank to Connor at The Bridge.

    • "Nothing else matters to you but your goddamn investigation, huh? No doubts, no mistakes, no weaknesses... Human being, just like me... Only perfect..." - Hank's analysis of Connor at The Bridge if Connor failed to find the Tracis.

    • “I could kill you... And you would just come back as if nothing happened. But are you afraid to die, Connor?” - Hank threatening Connor with gun at The Bridge (if Connor died more than once).

    • ”But are you afraid to die, Connor?” - To Connor in The Bridge while aiming his gun at him.

    • "What will happen if I pull this trigger? Hm? Nothing? Oblivion? Android heaven?" - Hank questioning Connor while holding his pistol at his head at The Bridge

    • “You’re starting to piss me off with that coin, Connor.” - To Connor in Public Enemy when taking Connor’s coin away in the elevator.

    • “My humblest apologies, I promise I'll never shoot you again." - Hank sarcastically apologizing to Connor inside the elevator in Public Enemy.

    • ”Hang on, son, hang on! We’ll get you help, hang on...” - To Connor in Public Enemy if the player fails to put Connor’s pump regulator back in before he shuts down.

    • “Still immortal, huh Connor?"("In a way.")"- You know I was hoping you wouldn't come back."("I'm just a machine replacing another machine, lieutenant. You shouldn't get emotional about it.")"-Fuck you.” - Hank "greeting" the new Connor outside of Elijah Kamski's house in Meet Kamski (If Connor died more than once and died in Public Enemy).

    • "-I thought you.. I thou-... Fuck." - Hank expressing his disapointment in Connor if Connor shot Chloe in Meet Kamski.

    • "-I thought enough about it. I'm tired of going through the motions... There's nothing keeping me here... Not this case... Not my partner... I don't belong here anymore." - Hank turning in his badge and gun, and announcing his resignation to Fowler and Connor in Last Chance, Connor

    • "Y'know, every time you died and came back... It made me think of Cole... I'd give anything to hold him again... But humans don't come back..." - Hank confides about his son in Night of the Soul.

    • "For a while, I believed in you, Connor. I thought you might restore my faith in the world... But you just showed me that androids... Are our creation... Creation in our own image. Selfish, ruthless, and brutal... You opened my eyes, Connor, made me realize it's hopeless..." - Hank railing against androids in Night of the Soul.

    • "Now leave me alone... Go on, complete your mission, since that's all you care about... (...) GET OUTTA HERE!" - Hank's last words to Connor before committing suicide in Night of the Soul.

    • "Cole died because a human surgeon was too high on red ice to operate, he was the one that took my son from me, him and this world where the only way people can find comfort is with a fist full of powder." - When Connor chooses "Cole" during the confrontation with the Imposter Connor at the Cyberlife tower (Battle for Detroit).

    • "-Shut the fuck up. It's too late...Look...I'm just gonna go see my son again, all right? Been looking forward to that for a long time...Kick the shit out of humans... They've screwed things up for long enough, I'm gonna miss...I'm gonna miss you, Connor...Yeah, I'm gonna...Uh..." - Hank dying in Connor's arms after being mortally wounded by Connor-60 in Battle for Detroit- Cyberlife Tower.

    • "Oh my god! What have I done?" - Hank accidentally shoots Connor in the chest. After Connor responds to Hanks questions incorrectly in Battle for Detroit- Cyberlife Tower.

    • “Shouldn't do this, Connor.(...)- You're gonna kill a man who wants to be free, that is my business! - Hank confronting Connor on the rooftop in Battle for Detroit - Last Mission

    • "We're in this mess because we refused to listen to deviants! Humanity never learns from it's mistakes Connor! This time it could be different!" - Hank reasoning with Connor in Battle for Detroit - Connor's Last Mission.

    • "Oh, yeah? I was just starting to like you too! But then I realized you'll never change! You don't feel emotions Connor, you fake em! You pretended to be my friend when you don't even know the meaning of the word!"- Hank's response to Connor's "Plead" in Last Mission.

    • "No, Cole died because a human surgeon was too high on red ice to operate! All this time I blamed androids for what happened, but it was a human's fault! Him and this fucked up world where the only way people can find comfort is with a fist full of powder!" - This dialogue is only available if Connor chooses "Remain a Machine" path and confronts Hank of the rooftop in Battle for Detroit.

    • “I didn't want to do that Connor... You left me no choice." - Hank speaking after shoving Connor off the rooftop, if Connor won the fight, choose to "SAVE HANK", but failed to counter Hank's attack in Battle for Detroit - Last Mission

    • "I know exactly what I have to do! So keep your advice to yourself and mind your own business!"


    • Hank is the only main character to be human.
    • Hank's actor, Clancy Brown, is also the voice of Eugene Krabs from the cartoon series SpongeBob SquarePants.
    • Hank's initial hostility to Connor may be a subtle nod to the 1986 fantasy-action film Highlander in which Hank's actor, Clancy Brown, portrayed The Kurgan and fought Connor MacLeod aka The Highlander.
    • Hank's character and story shares similarities with the protagonist of the movie I, Robot, Del Spooner.
      • Both of them are police detectives.
      • Depending on the choices, Hank's relationship with Connor can be very similar to Spooner's relationship with robot Sonny, the other protagonist of the movie. Spooner despises Sonny at first but later, he gets behind his ideas and becomes friends with him.
    • The image of Hank that appears in Connor's scan is taken from the medical drama TV series ER where Clancy Brown portrayed Dr. Ellis West from 1997 to 1998.
    • After confiscating Connor's quarter coin in the elevator during "Public Enemy", Hank can be seen trying to perform Connor's coin tricks (If he is friends with Connor).
    • If Connor has died at least twice, Hank will say that every time Connor died and came back, it made him think of Cole in the CyberLife Tower or the Hart Plaza rooftop.
    • Cole's mother is never seen or mentioned, suggesting that the woman separated from Hank, is dead, or Hank has always been a single father. (At his desk Hank has a sticker with an ex-wife joke[3]; whether the joke is accurate to his personal situation is not confirmed.)
    • Hank seems to own and use a .357 revolver as his weapon and uses a semi-automatic pistol, when on duty.
    • Hank seems to like unhealthy food, coffee, drinking, dark heavy metal music, and Jazz music.
    • Hank seems to go to Jimmy's Bar a lot based on matchbooks he has on his desk, and he is a fan of the Detroit Gears basketball team.
    • Hank drives a 1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Brougham.
    • He has known Captain Jeffrey Fowler for a long time.
    • Hank has a collection of vinyl records at his home.
    • He drinks Black Lamb Scotch Whisky.
    • Hank's Evidence Room password is: FUCKINGPASSWORD.
      • Hints that its the choice are from the fact almost every scene Hank's in has him say "fuck".
    • Hank does not like it when Connor samples evidence with his mouth.
      • During their second case, the sight nearly made him vomit from his hangover again.
    • Hank has self-diagnosed with ornithophobia, the abnormal and irrational fear of birds.[1]
    • The following information is shown on his desk:
      • Hank's phone number is [[1]], and the last part translates to IDONTCARE in telephone keyboard.
      • Hank likes to eat donuts and he prefers O'Mansley Donuts.
      • Hank may have a record of disciplinary actions including assaults against him when being told how to do his job before the main story begins. In “Waiting for Hank...”, Fowler states that Hank’s disciplinary record looks like “a fucking novel”.[3] At his desk he has a sticker that says "IF YOU HAVE A COMPLAINT. PLEASE GO TO HELL - H.A." (He wrote the word "hell" and initials on the sticker).
        • The other stickers he has at his desk are: Happy People Make Me Sick, Warning To Avoid Injury Don't Tell Me How To Do My Job, and If You're Not A Bartender Then Go Away.
    • He also has some post-it notes on his bathroom mirror which are: Shaving or Not, I'm not Grumpy I Just Don't Like You, Keep Smiling and Today Will Be Fabulous.
    • He has difficulty using technology, as he states he has enough trouble adjusting the settings on his cell phone.[3]
    • Hank likes getting physical books. He enjoys reading from them more than reading from technological mediums because of their sensory appeal.[9]
    • Hank has a few similarities to Ethan Mars from Heavy Rain. Both characters lost sons in car accidents and became depressed as a result. Ethan and Hank can also both commit suicide.
      • A minor similarity, but Ethan and Hank's birthdays are a day (and some years) apart. Hank's birthday is September 6, 1985, while Ethan's is September 5, 1973.
    • Hank is also somewhat similar to Norman Jayden from Heavy Rain; over the course of their respective games, both of them become invested in the larger issue at hand (the deviants' revolution or saving Shaun Mars) rather than just solving the cases they are involved in. Both of them also have a hostile relationship with their partners; however, the extent to which this applies to Hank and Connor is up to the player.
    • Hank's hair and beard took 50% of the frame rate in some close-ups.[10]
    • Hank is the only non-playable main character who never appears in Crossroads.
    • Of the three stories, Hank is the hardest character to build your trust with.
    • Hank's ending in the story will be determined by his relationship with Connor. If Connor becomes a deviant, Hank has a better chance of surviving. However, if Connor remains a machine, his relationship with Hank will be a hostile one, resulting in Hank either killing himself or being killed by Connor.
    • Other than Connor, Hank is the only character who can die in the Credits scenes.



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