Hank Anderson's home is a location in Detroit: Become Human.

It is the home of Hank Anderson, who lives there with his dog Sumo.

Game Edit

Russian Roulette Edit

In Russian Roulette, Connor will arrive at his home to convince Hank to accompany him to a crime scene. He will ring the door bell but get no response. After seeing Hank unconscious on the kitchen floor, Connor breaks and enters through a window. Connor will encounter Sumo and assures him that he is not a threat. Connor will wake up Hank and take him to the shower to sober up. He will get clothes for Hank and can then look around the house while Hank is getting ready.

Night of the Soul Edit

If Hank quit his job in Last Chance, Connor, Connor will visit Hank one last time in Night of the Soul, finding him sitting at a table with a revolver in his hand and a photo of his deceased son named Cole.



  • If this is the same house they lived in at the time of Cole's death, then its adress is 115 Michigan Drive, Detroit.[1]


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