Hart Plaza rooftop is a location in Detroit: Become Human. It is a building rooftop around Hart Plaza.

Game Edit

Battle for Detroit - Connor's Last Mission Edit

If Connor stayed a machine, he will be setting up a sniper rifle to assassinate the deviant leader (Markus or North) on the rooftop.

However, Connor's plan will be stopped by Hank Anderson or SWAT Captain Allen. Depending on the choices, the scene will play out in different ways.

If Hank stops Connor, Connor can be persuaded by him, jump off the roof or fight him. If persuaded, Connor will leave the rooftop. If he chooses to fight Hank, either he will throw Hank off the building or Hank will throw him off the building at the end.

If Captain Allen stops Connor, Connor can either jump off the roof or fight Allen and his men. If he chooses to fight them, either he will kill all of them or Allen will kill him at the end.