Here4u is an all android band mentioned in "All-Android Band Tipped for Music Prize" as well as in background dialogue.

History Edit

Here4u is a boyband comprised of all android members marketed by record label Digital Harmony. At the time of the article, they were tipped to win the Best New Artist prize at the Celebrate Music Awards. Not much else is known about them, but since they are nominated for Best "New" Artist, it is unlikely that they have been in the public eye for very long.

They seem to have a decent following as there is a woman who can be heard speaking of them favorably at Ferndale Station. However, there was also a public letter signed by a dwindling number of human-only record labels urging Digital Harmony to withdraw the band from consideration for the award.

A spokesperson for the band claimed that the music is all that matters to them, as well as bringing joy and happiness to their fans.[1]

Notes Edit

  • According to the article, less than 5% of music is produced by human musicians at the time of the game's events.

References Edit

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