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Talking to machines is changing the way we communicate

CyberLife world's first trillion dollar company

Global population reaches 10 billion

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Most people spend more time talking to androids, smartphones tablets, and entertainment systems than they do other people.

A recent study has found that this kind of talking, called 'command-led communication', is characterized by instructions and orders rather than persuasion, humor, or intimacy. That adjustment to our everyday speech is altering our brains, with persuasion skills getting weaker through lack of use.

This is especially true of younger generations. 'Command-led communication' has fostered a generation of adolescents with highly limited social skills. In the same study, young people were found to have developed very different communication centers in their brains.

Employers have long complained of the difficulty in finding graduates who know how to influence and convince others. But with people (especially young people) spending more and more time with their machines, it's difficult to see how the situation will improve.

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This magazine is located in the Zlatko chapter, upstairs in the bedroom. The bedroom can be accessed while searching for Alice.

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