Isaac Falone is a human in Detroit: Become Human. He works for the Automatic Bus Company of Detroit.



Isaac Falone was born on March 10, 1999.

"Isaac is a bus controller of the ABCD (Automatic Bus Company of Detroit). The buses of all major US cities gradually became entirely automatic from 2026 onward." [1]

"The controllers intervene at the terminus to check that there are no passengers left aboard and perform final checks before the bus returns to the depot."[1]


He is seen checking the automatic bus for passengers, and he notices that Kara and Alice are on the bus. He will tell them to get off the bus, because the bus is done for the day and he needs to check it in to the company depot. If Kara asks if there is a place to stay, he will insist they leave the bus.

On the RunEdit

If Kara squatted in the abandoned house, Isaac is seen near the 24 convenience store talking to Hank. This implies that he remembers seeing an AX400 android in the area.



  • All his appearances are determinant.
  • Bryan Dechart did the performance capture for this character.[2]


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