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Jericho is the fourteenth chapter of Detroit: Become Human. This chapter has only one outcome.


This chapter is from the perspective of Markus.


This is the flowchart walkthrough for Jericho, with 100% completion rate and all checkpoints. To the right is a video showing the in-game flowchart, while below is a text version for ease of use.

  1. Arrive at Ferndale (checkpoint)
  2. Flashback of Another Deviant
  3. Analyze Station Graffiti
  4. Exit the Station
  5. Follow the Signs
  6. Leave the Streets
    • See Android Body (to the left when entering the parking lot)
  7. Continue on the Jericho Trail
  8. Use the Dumpster to Climb Up
  9. Reach the Roof
  10. Cross the Gap
    • See Android Body (next to container)
  11. Reach the Door
  12. Explore Abandoned Office
    • See Android Body (propped up against a pillar)
  13. Find the Right Exit
  14. Locate Jericho
    • Walk Bridge
      • Bridge Collapses
  15. Climb Crane and Jump
  16. Inside the Boat (checkpoint)
  17. Find a Flashlight
  18. Enter the Machine Room
  19. Fall Off Catwalk
  20. Met People of Jericho


  • This chapter shares its name with an existing city, in Palestine, which was founded in 9000 BC and it is believed to be one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world.