Jericho is an abandoned freighter in Ferndale, Detroit, that has become a refuge for deviant androids in Detroit: Become Human.



The first deviants discovered Jericho in an unknown time and settled in it. After that, some deviants in Jericho distribute the locating data of Jericho only to trusted androids. Only by decrypting the clues of location data, which can exclusively be done by androids, can they reach Jericho, as a measure to prevent humans from finding and killing the deviants that live there.

The residents salvage blue blood (Thirium 310) and Bio-components from other androids who have shut down for repairs, but the materials have always been insufficient and there are only 19 androids still functioning. As a result, the citizens are slowly dying out until the arrival of Markus.

From the Dead Edit

Markus encounters an android, Phileas in an android junkyard, who tells him to find Jericho which is a place where they can be free. Phileas gave Markus a copy of his key to locate Jericho before permanently shutting down.

Jericho Edit

Ferndale the subway stop artwork has secret drawings, which lead you to Jericho upon scanning them.

Time to Decide Edit

Markus meets Simon, Josh, North and others who reside in Jericho.

Crossroads Edit

If Connor finds the location to Jericho, he will encounter the deviant leader (Markus or North) and has the choice to stay a machine to accomplish the objective of killing the deviant leader or to become deviant. The U.S. Army and FBI Agent Richard Perkins raid the ship and destroy the deviants that have used the place for refuge.

If Markus is not killed by machine Connor or the U.S. Army, he will detonate explosives installed in the ship, sinking it and preventing the army from capturing and destroying the androids in it by forcing Perkins to sound a retreat. If he is killed, the army secures several hundred androids in Jericho's hull, who are taken away and subsequently destroyed.[1]




Notes Edit

  • The ship shares its name with an existing city, in Palestine, which was founded in 9000 BC and it is believed to be one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world.
    • According to the Bible, Jericho was also the site of battle.


  1. Markus fails to Blow up Jericho and dies