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Jericho is a group of deviant androids in Detroit: Become Human. The group was established properly after Markus arrived on the group's namesake hideout in an abandoned freighter that has become refuge for deviants. As the group starts to protest and demand rights, the place turns into a base for their actions.

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Four symbols Markus can choose for Jericho later in the game.

Jericho's goal is the liberation of androids in the world. If Markus is the leader, players will decide whether Jericho's approach will be peaceful or aggressive until the end of the game. However, if North becomes the leader, Jericho's approach will always be aggressive.

Depending on the player's choices, Jericho either falls and is abandoned by the freed deviants and the factory-fresh deviants, or Jericho succeeds in securing the freedom of androids.

History Edit

Pre-game Edit

Jericho Edit

Time to Decide Edit

Spare Parts Edit

The Mission Edit

Jericho needs biocomponents. So Markus, North, Simon and Josh (the most able-bodied) break into a CyberLife Warehouse and Docks.

Founding the Inner Circle Edit

If Simon, Josh, North and Markus are returning with the parts, the four are praised as heroes, especially Markus, for having the courage to suggest the mission. Markus decides that Jericho needs to take active action for freedom, not just linger in the dark.

The Stratford Tower Edit

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Freedom March Edit

Despite how the public have reacted to their broadcast, Markus decides Jericho needs to make a public demonstration of their free will and demand for equal rights. The plan is simple, recruit more androids and block off a street to allow Jericho members to exit the sewer path to join the march. Freeing androids they pass, Markus leads Jericho in chanting their demands. The police arrive, clearly hostile and uncaring of the androids' intent; they are warned to disperse.

Stand Your Ground (Listen to Josh) Edit

Jericho stays in place, even as its members are shot dead. Markus attempts to sacrifice himself to show their peaceful intent. If you accepted John in the 'Spare Parts' chapter or you have Simon alive at this point, one of them will sacrifice themselves. So, Markus will only be wounded and rescued by North. If you have both John and Simon present, John will sacrifice himself. If neither John or Simon are present, Markus will die at the hands of the police. In either case, the group retreats, suffering losses. Public opinion goes up for Markus' noble action.

Run for Your Lives! (Listen to Simon) Edit

Jericho attempts to leave peacefully, only for the cops to open fire and slaughter a portion of the recruits. Public opinion goes up for the unwarranted murder.

Kick Some Ass (Listen to North) Edit

Deciding force is necessary, Jericho is lead into battle by Markus. Despite losing most of the new recruits, the cops are beaten. This lessens public opinion severely.

Crossroads Edit

The Aftermath of the March Edit

Jericho Under Attack Edit

Night of the Soul Edit

Battle for Detroit Edit

Liberty or Death! (Violent Path) Edit

Markus has had enough with humans ignoring their sentience and the aggressive responses to their attempts to get validation for it. As a result, Jericho makes assaults on the camps in Detroit to free their people, starting at dawn.

Fight with Words (Pacifist Path) Edit

Remembering Carl's teachings, Markus refuses to answer the genocide of androids with more violence. Jericho breaks into five teams of protesters. With the exception of Markus' group, the others are wiped out on the spot; its only thanks to the reporters and news helicopter, the U.S. Army refuses to attack out of shame of how it makes them look bad for firing on peaceful protesters.

Victory Edit

Slaughter the Humans Edit

Despite losing the majority of their numbers in the process, Jericho manages to advance into the barricade of the camp and kill most of the soldiers. Liberated androids and Jericho survivors listen to Markus' speech about how they must now open a dialogue with humanity for equal rights; they've shown what they are capable of, so now the violence must end.

Detonate the Dirty Bomb Edit

Markus detonated the bomb, eradiating all of Detroit. Humans are forced to abandon the city, leaving it solely to the androids. The androids gather around Markus, who drops his human appearance and roars in victory, holding the Jericho flag.

Sing Edit

Show Human Emotion Edit

Defeat Edit

Markus Did Not Lead Jericho Edit

Refuse to Detonate the Dirty Bomb Edit

Connor Kills Jericho's Leader Edit

Low Public Opinion (Pacifist Path) Edit

If Markus chooses to demonstrate after a long history of violence to spread Jericho's message, it will always fail.

Fall for Perkins' Ruse Edit

Perkins lies that Jericho will be spared if they surrender, and allowed to live in peace in their own domestic area. He executes Markus and North by himself.

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Notes Edit

  • The group was big enough to divide into five teams to attack CyberLife stores (which boosted their numbers).
  • Given the wardrobe changes with Markus and North, it seems stealing clothes for deviants was also a goal, to help androids blend in with humans.
  • According to Mikael Leger, one of the concept artists of the game, developers planned to have an underground fighting club where deviants fight each other in Jericho. However, the idea was scrapped.[1][2][3]
  • Should Jericho win, it's implied that all deviants become members of the group; with the exception of those who managed to escape to Canada.
  • If the violent path is chosen, a message from Markus explains Jericho has been attacking the camps since dawn to save their people. As victory is declared in the fight seen on screen, it's presumed Jericho did not split up and used their numbers to overwhelm the humans. This would explain why only a handful of androids are left; Jericho's numbers dropped due to casualties.
  • The first symbol of Jericho is the same with one of the symbols escaping slaves followed in the Underground Railroad to reach freedom.[4]
  • For the second symbol of Jericho, Markus has four options to choose between and the two of them are significant.
    • The one that looks like a modified peace sign is the same symbol which Jodie Holmes needs to draw in the sand to start the ritual in the chapter Navajo from another Quantic Dream game Beyond: Two Souls.
    • The raised fist, which is the symbol of solidarity and support, is used as a logo by various groups against oppression throughout the history.
  • Jericho shares its name with an existing city, in Palestine, which was founded in 9000 BC and it is believed to be one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world.

References Edit

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