John Phillips is a human in Detroit: Become Human. He was the husband of Caroline Phillips and father of Emma Phillips.

His daughter was taken hostage by the family's android Daniel in the Chapter "The Hostage".



John Phillips was born October 11, 1999.

He was married to Caroline and they had a daughter, Emma Phillips, born on September 2, 2028.[1]

The family lived an affluent life in an apartment at the address 1554 Park Av. Detroit. They had a domestic PL600 android named Daniel.

The night of August 15, 2038, John ordered an AP700 android. Daniel reacted badly, took John's gun, shot John and took his daughter Emma hostage.


In "The Hostage", android Connor arrives in the Phillips' apartment. John's lifeless body can be found in the living room and analyzed.

Cause of death: Three bullet wounds. One bullet struck the left kidney, causing fatal abdominal trauma, while the other two struck the lungs, causing internal bleeding and the collapse of one lung. His time of death is estimated to be 7:29 PM.



  • His daughter, Emma, did not hear the shots that killed him.


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