Joseph Sheldon is a human in Detroit: Become Human.



Joseph Sheldon was born August 14, 1988.

Since 2018, aged 30, he has worked as night receptionist in the Eastern Motel in Detroit. He has a daughter named Tiana. She and his Motown record are his greatest joys in life.[1]


In "Fugitives", Joseph is on duty at the reception desk. Kara and Alice may enter the Eastern Motel looking for a place to stay, and can spend the night.[2] He will tell her to worry about that later and asks her to sign her name. He will ask Kara for her ID and Kara can choose the following dialogue choices: in the car, forgot, no license or say nothing. Afterwards he will hand her the key to their room and wish them a good night.

On the RunEdit

In "On the Run", Joseph is interviewed by Lieutenant Hank Anderson and Connor about a runaway android. After Connor shows Joseph a photo of the android he realizes it's Kara and tells them she checked in last night with a little girl wearing human clothes. He gives them her room number and they move in to capture them.



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