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Les Enfants Terribles is an immersive theater company based in London. As part of the May 21, 2018 premiere of Detroit: Become Human, Les Enfants Terribles collaborated with Quantic Dream on a special Detroit experience at the Trumbull and Porter Hotel Detroit, which featured actor Bryan Dechart reprising his role as Connor for a live audience.


The experience began with members of the public and the press being escorted through an Android Rights protest into the new CyberLife flagship store, where they were shown several androids. There they met CyberLife employee Dr. Jonathan Miller, who brought onto the stage a new prototype named Eve (Sarah Manteghi alternating with an unknown actor). The event took a turn for the darker however when Eve, tired of abuse at the hands of her creator, pulled a knife on Miller and stabbed him to death before the audience.

The audience was then escorted into an interrogation room, where Eve was being held. Connor (Bryan Dechart), introduced the situation to the public and explained that they got to choose what the interrogator Nate (Tom Moores) asked and did to Eve - with each choice Eve stood either a better or worse chance of being successfully reprogrammed for her actions. The choices appeared on a TV screen nearby, with Connor pressing a giant replica of the Sony controller's action buttons to signify the selection.

Connor expressed surprise at the public's choices before making an escape, whereupon two human members of the Detroit Police Department arrived and demanded to know where he went before escorting the group into the room, where they were blindfolded by the leader of the revolution before being led out to a Jericho replica nearby to join in, where the head of the company was captured and the androids took over. The crowd then overran the CyberLife store for a dance party.


  • The experience ran for an hour and a half: footage from the interrogation scene was broadcast live on the Twitch channel of actor Bryan Dechart.
  • The experience was directed by Joe Hufton, associate director of Les Enfants Terribles.
  • To portray Connor in live action, Dechart not only wore a replica of the suit Connor wears in-game but also a replica of his LED, which he later wore for his Detroit Twitch streams.
  • Amelia Rose Blaire was present at the experience.
  • As a mediator for the audience, some of Connor's dialogue was more open for improvisation than that of the interrogation scenes, with Bryan Dechart commenting on the audience's behavior or chastising an audience member for entering the room late.