MS853 Black Hawk is a pistol in Detroit: Become Human.

The gun has a magazine capacity of 17 rounds and is stated to use .355 ammunition, suggesting a type of 9mm cartridge; possibly 9x19mm Parabellum. The overall length of the gun is 8.5 inches and it has a 5-inch barrel. The gun has a grey finish with a light brown wooden grip, and appears to have no rear sights.

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Daniel steals John's gun and kills him with it. He also kills two police officers with the gun and wounds a third officer. The gun case is seen on the floor of John's room.

When Connor first steps out onto the balcony, Daniel shoots him in the arm. Depending on Connor's actions, he may also use the gun to shoot Connor in the head, killing him.

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  • The ammunition's manufacturer is JONBAL Ammunition.
  • In other localizations of the game such as French, the listed units of measurements are all converted to metric equivalents; replacing ".355" with 9mm and all of the inch measurements with centimeter measurements. Interestingly, the listed length in centimeters is wrong; it is stated to be 20.32 cm, which corresponds to exactly 8 inches, as opposed to 8.5 inches (21.59 cm).
  • When examining the ammunition, the game reveals a variety of information; it is ".355" ammunition, suggesting a bullet diameter of 0.355 inch (9.01mm) a velocity of 365 m/s, energy of 659 Joule, bullet weight of 115 grain, and a power factor of 414k.
    • The presented bullet weight and velocity are consistent with typical muzzle velocities of 9x19mm Parabellum ammunition fired out of a pistol barrel. However, the given energy value is too high; a 115 grain projectile with a velocity of 365 meters per second has an energy of about 496 Joule, not 659.
    • The power factor is a method of ranking cartridges used in competition shooting sports such as IPSC or IDPA. The higher the power factor, the more momentum a bullet generates when fired, which in turn is an indirect measurement of recoil. PF is measured with one of two measurement units: kilo grain feet per second (kgr·ft/s), or Newton seconds (Ns). The stated value of 414k could mean a power factor of 414 kgr·ft/s (or about 8.177 Ns); which corresponds to the momentum generated by a powerful rifle cartridge (such as 7.62mm NATO), and is far too high for any kind of 9mm handgun.
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