Magazines are collectible items in Detroit: Become Human. Once picked up and read, they will appear in the Extras menu. There is a silver trophy called BOOKWORM which is unlocked when all 46 magazines were collected.

The magazines inside the game play a somewhat significant role in making the player understand how the world functions outside of Detroit, contributing to the factor to make the game more realistic and lifelike.

The magazines publishers are: Detroit Today, Century, Tech Addict, Green Earth, Gossips Weekly and All Sports.


For a guide on the exact location of each magazine, refer to BOOKWORM.

# Magazine Title Location
#1 Century "Connecting the Dots" A New Home
#2 Century "The North Pole - Why Russia Wants It" The Painter
#3 Century "The Bee-Line to Disaster" Fugitives
#4 Century "Tainted Love" Russian Roulette
#5 Century "Time to Pull the Plug" Russian Roulette
#6 Century "President Warren: A Woman in Trouble" The Stratford Tower
#7 Century "An Android for President?" Capitol Park
#8 Century "The Mysterious Mister Kamski" The Bridge
#9 Century "World War Three" Midnight Train
#10 Tech Addict "Secrets of Androids" Shades of Color
#11 Tech Addict "The Price of Life" A New Home
#12 Tech Addict "Is Your Android Spying on You?" Partners
#13 Tech Addict "Android Astronauts to Explore Io" Jericho
#14 Tech Addict "The First Immortals Are Among Us" The Eden Club
#15 Tech Addict "CyberLife's 'Fortune Teller' Computer" Meet Kamski
#16 Tech Addict "Bleeding Blue" Public Enemy
#17 Tech Addict "Space Tourism on the Rise" Meet Kamski
#18 Tech Addict "The Eastern Space Race" Freedom March
#19 Green Earth "Climate Change-Up" Shades of Color
#20 Green Earth "Past the Tipping Point" The Nest
#21 Green Earth "Clean Food Craze" Public Enemy
#22 All Sports "Android Power!" A New Home
#23 All Sports "Android QB" A New Home
#24 Gossips Weekly "All-Android Band Tipped for Music Prize" The Pirates' Cove
#25 Gossips Weekly "Android Sex Officially Better!" Partners
#26 Gossips Weekly "It's Time to Face the Music" Fugitives
#27 Detroit Today "Life Found on Titan!" The Painter
#28 Detroit Today "Famous Detroit Painter Dies" Waiting for Hank...
#29 Detroit Today "The Three Laws of Robotic Parenting" Waiting for Hank...
#30 Detroit Today "Ivanoff Says "Niet"!" Waiting for Hank...
#31 Detroit Today "Cyber-Wildlife" On the Run
#32 Detroit Today "Android on the Run!" Jericho
#33 Detroit Today "Red Ice Epidemic" The Nest
#34 Detroit Today "Arctic Tensions Escalate" Zlatko
#35 Detroit Today "How Androids Alter Your Brain" Zlatko
#36 Detroit Today "The New Super-Powers" The Eden Club
#37 Detroit Today "USS Iowa Missing" The Pirates' Cove
#38 Detroit Today "G.I. Android" The Stratford Tower
#39 Detroit Today "Who Is It?" Capitol Park
#40 Detroit Today "Markets Predict War" The Bridge
#41 Detroit Today "AX400 Getaway" Zlatko
#42 Detroit Today "Android Riot" Freedom March
#43 Detroit Today "Detroit in Chaos" Crossroads (Connor)
#44 Detroit Today "Android Terror in Detroit" Crossroads (Connor)
#45 Detroit Today "They Defy Us" Battle for Detroit (Markus)
#46 Detroit Today "Civil War in Detroit" Battle for Detroit (Kara)
N/A Canada "Canada Still Android-Free Zone" On the Run
N/A CyberLife "Treat Yourself!" Midnight Train

Notes Edit

  • When it comes to the events of Jericho is behind, each article is filled with slanderous accusations and demeaning P.O.V. on androids, even if they take pacifist approach.
    • It's possible CyberLife is altering the news to benefit their own schemes.
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