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Meet Kamski is the twenty-seventh chapter of Detroit: Become Human. This chapter has two different outcomes.


This chapter is from the perspective of Connor.


This is the flowchart walkthrough for Meet Kamski, with 100% completion rate and all checkpoints. To the right is a video showing the in-game flowchart, while below is a text version for ease of use. The chapter begins with either:

Wait for Hank[]

  • Cross-chapter impact Connor died in 'Public Enemy'
  • Wait for Hank (checkpoint)
  • Hank Isn't Pleased to See Connor - leads to
  • Follow Hank to Kamski's Place.
  • Chloe Answers Door

Arrive with Hank[]

  1. Arrive With Hank (checkpoint)
  2. Get Out of Car
  3. Cross-chapter impact Cops spared in 'Capitol Park' OR Cross-chapter impact Cops killed in 'Capitol Park'
  4. Learn Chris Survived OR Learn Chris Is Dead
  5. Follow Hank to Kamski's Place
  6. Chloe Answers Door
  7. Enter Lobby
  8. Chloe Goes to Get Kamski
  9. Wait For Kamski
  10. Chloe Returns
  11. Meet Kamski
  12. Question Kamski
  13. Kamski Test
    • Shoot Chloe
      • Kamski Agrees to Answer One Question
        • Ask About Virus
          • Kamski is Cryptic
        • Ask About rA9
          • Kamski is Cryptic
        • Ask About Jericho
          • Kamski Offers Jericho Key Through Chloe
            • Cross-chapter impact Download Jericho Key [2]
      • Leave Kamski’s House
        • Hank Was Disappointed With Connor’s Decision
    • Spare Chloe
      • Leave Kamski’s House
        • Hank Thought Connor Made the Right Decision

Relationship Changes[]


  • Connor died in Public Enemy Relationship down.png
  • Spare Chloe Relationship largeup.png
  • Kill Chloe Relationship largedown.png

Software Instability[]

  • Choose "defensive" or "troubled" while talking to Kamski Relationship up.png
  • Spare Chloe Relationship largeup.png
  • Kill Chloe Relationship largedown.png


  • The soundtrack that plays during this scene is called "The Minsky Tapes" by Philip Sheppard. It features a tune written by Marvin Minsky, one of the precursors of AI.[3]
  • When Connor returns in this chapter, Hank greets him saying "Still immortal huh, Connor?", which is Hank's reaction if Connor has died more than once, even if Connor's first death happened in The Hostage and Hank has only witnessed one other death. Therefore, Hank should have had no idea he could come back.
  • If Connor died once, then Hank will state that he "died in Hank's arms and came back as if nothing happened".
    • Then, later in the CyberLife Tower, he says "Every time you died and came back it reminded me of Cole" even though again Connor only died and came back once to Hank's knowledge.


  1. Choosing this action unlocks the "Amanda's Picture" dialogue option with Amanda at the beginning of Last Chance, Connor.
  2. Choosing this action unlocks the "Jericho" dialogue option with Amanda at the beginning of Last Chance, Connor.
  3. David Cage's Twitter