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Michael Brinkley is a human in Detroit: Become Human. He is the anchor presenter of CTN TV News, America's oldest mainstream TV news station.


Michael Brinkley was born January 24, 1978.[1]

In 2038, he covered the issues of deviant androids and the Arctic North Pole dispute for CTN.


The Painter[]

Brinkley covers the escalating tensions after Russia claimed the Arctic as it's national territory and several Russian warships were positioned in the Barents Sea. He states that several American destroyers are reported to be headed for the Barents Sea and that the American Ambassador declared the US would not accept the annexation.

Waiting for Hank...[]

He will report on the new level of tension between the US and Russia after a Russian carrier and an American patrol boat were reported to have clashed, and the call of the surrounding countries for military withdrawal.


Brinkley reports that several sources claim CyberLife provided the DPD with a prototype detective android, the first police assistant android authorized to play an active role in crime scene investigations.

Russian Roulette[]

He covers President Warren's issuing of an official warning to Russia, in which she demanded all Russian troops retreat from the Arctic immediately. He claims that the Kremlin has yet to respond, and experts are suggesting that a Third World War is drawing closer every day.

The Stratford Tower[]

The CTN TV interrupt their scheduled program and Brinkley covers the breaking news of the Stratford Tower infiltration and broadcast, stating that the message is clearly a declaration of war and if verified has serious implications for national security.

Battle for Detroit[]

Brinkley will report several different broadcasts depending on the ending that is achieved.