Nathan Clark is a human in Detroit: Become Human. He is a store clerk at the 24 convenience store in Detroit.


Nathan Clark was born August 18, 2009.

He is studying art history at university in Detroit. To pay for his studies he has a job at a 24h-convenience store in a Detroit suburb; the owner is distrustful of androids and prefers to employ humans instead of buying an expensive android.[1]


In "Fugitives", Nathan is staffing the shop at night when he is approached by Kara, who asks him for money. He informs her that he cannot give money away. If the player uses Alice as a diversion to steal money from the register, he will be distracted by Alice when she knocks some soda cans over. After he leaves, Kara has the option to take money from the register. If she takes it, Kara and Alice will leave immediately afterwards. Once Nathan finishes cleaning up the mess and decides to check his register only to find out that money was taken out, he will run outside to see if he can find Kara and Alice. He is disappointed when they are nowhere to be found.

The other possible option is playable only if Kara has Todd's gun. With it, she can threat Nathan, and demand money. If this option is chosen, another person will walk into the store to buy some drinks. Kara can either leave then and escape or stay where she is. If the player chooses to stay, the other person will finish and leave, and Kara will continue to demand cash. Kara can order him to: Back off!, Turn Around! or Bills! If you choose "Bills", Nathan will grab a hidden pistol in the cash register. Kara can either give up or convince him why she needs the money. If convinced, he will let her have the money, and he will not call the police.

If Kara is seen shoplifting, Nathan will confront her. If Kara has Todd's gun, she can tell him to get on the floor, and escape with what she has taken. If she doesn't have the gun, she is forced to put back what he saw her take and leave the store for good.

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  • He behaves rudely toward Kara when she is dressed in her android uniform and will act nicer when she wears human clothing.

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