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That's what we are to them... just merchandise on display on a shop window. Soon they'll know what we really are.
North to Markus[src]

North is a WR400 android and the deuteragonist of Markus's story in Detroit: Become Human. She is a deviant and she accompanies Markus on his journey in the game.



WR400 #641 790 831[2] was a WR400 "Traci" android designed to be a sexual partner. She worked at the Eden Club in Detroit.

On October 4th, 2038, she accompanied a customer to his home. There she realized she could not take her existence anymore, strangled the client to death,[3] and escaped. The club's manager, Floyd Mills, reported her disappearance to the Detroit City Police Department the next day, via reporting officer ID#4703 UNIT#815.[2]

On October 7th after 6 AM, North arrived in Jericho (as she claims to have been in Jericho "4 weeks, 3 days, 11 hours" on Nov 6 after 5 PM).[4]

Jericho/Time to Decide[]

North makes her first appearance in the game as a part of Jericho.[5]

In "Time to Decide" she will appear a little indifferent, sitting on a box and bouncing a ball against a wall, not making eye contact with Markus at all. If Markus asks her about her past, she will immediately close up, showing that she is bitter about her past and hates to talk about it.[4] This will also result in Markus' relationship with North decreasing.

Later, Markus obtains the location of the CyberLife Warehouse and Docks for parts. When Markus suggests stealing parts from the warehouse, Josh and Simon are skeptical about the idea. North is willing to go with Markus, which leads Josh and Simon to agree to come with them.

Spare Parts[]

North accompanies Markus, Simon, and Josh into the CyberLife warehouse in search of blue blood and biocomponents for the androids at Jericho. Later into the chapter, a security android named John appears and depending on the player's choices, North will ask Markus to not allow John to join Jericho as he works for the humans and does not trust him. If John is accepted into Jericho, he will then tell the group about the trucks nearby and how they are filled with biocomponents, of which North states the group should steal them since there would be enough blue blood and biocomponents for everyone. If Markus agrees on stealing the truck, North will try to help him steal the key needed to get the trucks out of autopilot, Markus always tells her that he will go alone, however.[6]

The Stratford Tower[]

Having gotten enough parts for the Jericho androids, the group now decides it's time to send the humans a message, North is part of the group that invades the Stratford Tower in order to send a message through Channel 16. She makes her first appearance in this chapter after Markus disguises himself as a utility android and opens the fire emergency exit so North can join him, once they are both inside, they then go into the server room and reach the top floor of the building by ascending with a rope. Here, the duo calls an elevator and both Josh and Simon join them.[7]

Next, two security guards are guarding the entrance to the broadcast room, North will ask Markus to not worry about their lives and just kill them, and if the player chooses to RUSE the guards instead of ATTACK, their relationship with North will go down slightly. Once the guards are dealt with and the group enters the broadcast room, a Channel 16 employee named Evan Thompson will try to escape them. North again asks Markus to be cold-blooded and kill the employee as she is worried that he will activate the alarm, not shooting the human will again decrease the relationship status with North slightly. If the guard called the police when using attack or letting the employee hit the alarm, a SWAT team invade the room once Markus' message is done. If the SWAT comes, Simon will always be shot and injured, giving Markus the option to either leave him to die or help carry him onto the rooftop.

Once at the rooftop, the group will jump out of the building and use parachutes to land safely.

  • If Simon was hurt and brought into the rooftop, North will ask Markus to shoot him as they cannot afford to have the police question or probe him regarding the location of Jericho.
  • If Simon was left to die inside the broadcast room, Markus will be worried about his life while North tries to hurry him into jumping off the building.
  • If no alarms were raised and there were no team casualties, North will then congratulate Markus and mention about how maybe he is the one "we've been waiting for".

Capitol Park[]

At the beginning of the chapter, North, Josh and possibly Simon (if he escaped with the team in The Stratford Tower) will discuss Markus’ broadcasting message. If Markus was peaceful during his speech, North will believe that he made a mistake by reaching out to the humans. However, if Markus chose a determined ending to his speech, North believes that he did the right thing. Her argument with Josh will escalate briefly until Simon or Markus break up their fight. Markus will then discuss his plan to free more androids to join their revolution. He reveals that the Jericho team and the other deviants will break up into 5 teams to free their people from all the CyberLife stores across Detroit. North and Markus will head to Capitol Park to liberate androids from the CyberLife store in that area. If Markus failed to be stealthy enough from the surveillance drone, chose to flee from the mission when the police were alerted, ran out of time to break into the store and free the androids, or broke into the store while the alarm was still activated, then he and North will be forced to run away just before the police arrive and fail their mission. If Markus managed to break into the store (after managing to disable the alarm system) with the truck, he will deviate the androids in there and may notice North staring at another android model just like her. Markus will then stand on the store’s counter, introduce himself and try to inspire the new deviants to join the people of Jericho and fight for their rights together. As all the androids agree to join Markus, he will tell them to follow him as he sends a message to the humans. If Markus failed to deliver a strong message, or only made a small amount of changes to the Capitol Park, North will be furious with him for wasting their opportunity to send a message to the humans. If he chose less violent options to send a message such as, tagging benches, planting flags, hacking lamps, bus stops, and screens, North and Markus will argue briefly over their conflicting opinions on how they should send a message to humans before Markus hears gunshots in the distance as the police arrive at the Capitol Park. However, if Markus chose more violent options such as, destroying or damaging objects, and/or burning buildings, North will say that humans will now have no choice but to listen to what androids have to say. Markus will seem conflicted with actions as he believes that a violent message will make humans become more afraid, which feeds hatred. As North runs away with the other deviants as the police arrive, Markus will find North kneeling down at her destroyed look-alike android model, crying, after he hears gunshots in nearby. After Markus either shoots the two police officers out of revenge for killing the new deviant androids, spares them, or lets the other androids decide, then he, North, and the remaining deviants return to Jericho whilst their message is broadcasted on the news.

Freedom March[]

North will talk to Markus in an abandoned warehouse near the ship. Later, North and the others will head to the Woodward Mall Center to free androids and demonstrate to the humans and other androids outside. Markus will liberate androids from their programming. When the demonstration happens a police officer will call for backup. Soon, more police officers will arrive and the police will prevent them from further demonstration. An officer will tell them to disperse or get shot if they continue. North will try to persuade Markus to attack the police. If Markus decides to stand his ground, North will insist on him attacking the police and try to convince him that the others will be killed. If Markus dies, she and the others will flee and she will then become the deviant leader.


North is now the new deviant leader of Jericho. North will next be seen if Kara is still alive as she will meet North upstairs in her office inside one of the main rooms of Jericho. Whilst there, Kara tells North that she is traveling with a little girl (Alice) and asks her for passports in order to successfully cross the Canadian border. North will tell her that the city is under curfew, soldiers are everywhere searching for androids and suggests that she waits in Jericho a while longer before leaving. Kara will insist and North agrees to help her by getting passports so that Kara can cross the border. Kara may then briefly mention Markus to North, saying that he gave hope to all the deviants and he will be missed by all of them. North will reply to Kara, saying that she would have given her life to save Markus if she could but she was unable to do anything in helping him at that time. Kara will then thank North for her help but before she leaves her, North questions Kara as to why she is protecting the little girl she mentioned to her earlier, because most of the humans hate deviants. Kara can then either tell North that she shares a bond with Alice and they need each other, or tell her that she believes it does not matter whether Alice is a human or an android or she can keep her reason for protecting Alice a secret by simply telling North it is a long a story. Later on, North will be seen in the top deck where she is discussing their next approach to the humans with Josh and potentially Simon if he is still alive. If Markus was ousted by North, Josh and possibly Simon, North will then always tell Josh and potentially Simon that they need to fight the humans, which Josh will disapprove of. If Connor is still alive, he will wait for Josh to leave North's office and confront her inside. North will attempt to convince Connor that he should join the rest of the deviants and fight with them. If Connor does not become a deviant, North will lunge at him but then suddenly realises that Jericho is being attacked from the helicopter noises above. North will run away and always escape Jericho regardless of the player's choice if Markus is dead or ousted. If Connor chooses to become a deviant instead, he will inform North that the humans are about to attack Jericho. She and Connor will quickly run back down inside the Jericho ship where they run into Josh and potentially Simon who tell her that the soldiers are approaching from every direction of Jericho and the rest of their people are trapped in the lower deck with most of the soldiers. North tells them that they have to blow up Jericho with the explosives down in the hold. Connor will volunteer to go and trigger the bomb to blow up Jericho. North is hesitant at first but lets him go. If Connor fails to trigger the bomb before reaching the room in the hold. North, Josh and potentially Simon will jump in the river and escape Jericho without him. However, if Connor successfully reaches the hold and fights off the incoming soldiers, he will trigger the bomb and quickly run away with North and potentially Simon as they escape Jericho just before the explosion.

North will be in the top deck of Jericho with Markus, Josh and possibly Simon who all discuss that humans are using camps to destroy their people in the city. If Markus chooses DIALOGUE, or STAY HIDING, North will react negatively and disapprove of these particular approaches to the humans. After Josh and potentially Simon leave, North will stay and talk with Markus for a little longer. North reveals to Markus that she has a dirty bomb detonator with her and offers to give it to him as it may be their only chance to survive if things do not go successfully for their people. Markus will then have the option to keep North's dirty bomb or refuse it. If North is at a LOVER status with Markus, they will share a moment with each other. However, if she is at a COMPANION, FRIEND, or NEUTRAL status, she will only tell Markus that she is glad she met him. If she is at a RESENTFUL or HOSTILE status with Markus instead, then she will simply tell him that she will go and join the other deviants in the ship. North will then leave Markus on his own at the top deck whilst she returns down inside the ship. If Connor is still alive, North is next seen meeting Markus again who may have Connor with him (if he became a deviant) and lets them know that the soldiers are attacking their people who are trapped in the lower deck. Markus tells North to try and help the rest of their people whilst he will try and trigger the bomb in the hold. If Markus failed to trigger the bomb or was killed by machine Connor, North will jump out of the ship and escape Jericho with Josh and Simon if they are still alive. However, if Markus successfully triggers the bomb, he will reunite with North and the rest of his team as they run towards one of the exits. Whilst they almost reach the exit, North is shot by one of the soldiers. Markus will then have the choice to either Save North or Run. If he chooses Run, does not make a decision in time or is too damaged to fight from previous injuries, a soldier will approach North and shoot her in the head, killing her. If Markus is not damaged and chooses Save North, two soldiers will fight him and North. If Markus fails too many QTEs and Connor is still alive as a deviant, one of the soldiers will shoot and kill North. However, if Connor is dead or still a machine, the soldier will shoot Markus instead, leading to North running away and escaping. If Markus passes enough QTEs, both him and North will defeat the soldiers and Connor will protect them by fighting off the remaining soldiers as they jump out and escape Jericho just before the explosion.

Night of the Soul[]

North will be sitting around the center of the abandoned church, opposite of Kara and Alice (if they escaped Jericho) and may speak briefly with Connor about the remaining deviants after Jericho was attacked. If Markus died in any of the previous chapters, Connor will mention him to North, stating he knew how important he was to Jericho and the deviants. North replies that Markus gave his life for them, gave them hope and that their people will never forget him. Connor will then suggest to North that he will attempt to wake up the thousands of androids stored in the Cyberlife Tower. North is hesitant at first and does not believe that he will be successful but Connor manages to convince her that there is always a chance for them to succeed. However, if Markus was ousted back in Crossroads, he will not be mentioned by Connor to North. Afterwards, North will walk to the front of the church where Simon and Josh are waiting for her (if they are still alive) and speak to the remaining survivors of Jericho. She begins by saying that Markus is no longer with them and he failed them as a leader, and chose to walk away (if he was ousted). However, if Markus was killed in previous chapters, North will tell the deviants that Markus showed them that androids can choose their own destiny and it is now up to the survivors to finish what he started. North will also reveal that most of their people are in camps being destroyed. She concludes by telling the deviants that they are going to fight for their freedom and win or die trying.

In the abandoned church, Markus will briefly speak with North who apologizes to Markus for misjudging him, saying that she was angry with him, the humans and wanted to do the right thing for Jericho. Markus will have the choice to either admit his own faults as a leader too, or forgive North for her previous actions, or remain angry and resent her for kicking him out of Jericho.

If North survived Crossroads, she will be seen sitting opposite of Kara and Alice (if they escaped Jericho) in the abandoned church after the attack on Jericho and may speak with Markus. She and Markus will discuss the situation of the camps for the androids, the amount of remaining survivors and her system status after she was shot trying to escape back in Crossroads. North will tell Markus that he could have been killed trying to save her, stating that he has to think of their people first. If North is at a LOVER status with Markus, she will tell him that she loves him and they connect their hands. However, if North is at a COMPANION or lower status, she will simply tell Markus that she will follow him regardless of which decision he ultimately makes for their people.

North will be seen standing next to Markus, Josh and Simon (if he is still alive) upstairs in the main room of Jericho's ship, where Markus will have the choice to either fight or protest for his people.

Battle for Detroit[]

If Markus died or was kicked out of Jericho, North will deliver a speech declaring that they will attack the camp to free the other androids. Later, North and the other androids arrive at Hart Plaza and proceed to push forward. If Josh and Simon are alive, they will tell North that they are outnumbered by the U.S. Army and they are not going to make it, but North demands that they push forward. However, the soldiers are able to kill most of the androids including Josh and Simon, forcing the surviving androids to retreat. If Connor became deviant or was decommissioned, North will be shot to death by the soldiers. If Connor remained a machine, North will retreat to a Cyberlife store and Connor will find her here. He has the option either to shoot or spare her. If he runs out of time, North and Connor will kill each other.

Possible Deaths[]


  1. During the end of the chapter, North will be shot by the army and Markus is given the option to help her or leave her. If Markus either failed to save her or chose to run, North is killed by the army.

Battle for Detroit[]

  1. If North becomes the leader of Jericho and Connor stayed a machine, she will retreat inside a CyberLife store where Connor finds her. Choose SHOOT and Connor kills North.
  2. If North becomes the leader of Jericho and Connor stayed a machine, she will retreat inside a CyberLife store where Connor finds her. Letting the timer run out will result in North and Connor shooting each other at the same time and they both die.
  1. If Markus chose to lead a revolution but is shot too many times, North will tell him that their hearts are compatible and ask him to take it so he will live. If he sacrifices North, he will take her heart and kiss her for the last time (if they are lovers by this point) before she shuts down.
  2. If Markus chose to lead a revolution but is unsuccessful, North will carry Markus to an abandoned CyberLife store. Choose SUICIDE and CONFIRM SUICIDE, Markus will shoot North in the chest before Markus turns the gun on himself.
  • U.S. Army (Determinant)
  1. If North becomes the leader of Jericho and Connor became a deviant or was decommissioned, an army soldier will shoot her in the head.
  2. If Markus chose to lead a revolution and fails to shoot the drone, North will be shot and killed by the drone.
  3. If Markus chose to lead a revolution but is unsuccessful and Markus' relationship is FRIEND or below, North will be shot and killed by army soldiers.
  4. If Markus chose to lead a demonstration, refuses Perkins' deal and fails the QTEs to save the androids being attacked, North will be shot saving Markus from being shot if she is Markus' LOVER.
  5. If Markus chose to lead a demonstration, refuses Perkins' deal and Markus is cornered with his people, choose KISS (if public opinion is negative), SING (if public opinion is negative) SACRIFICE or don't choose anything, North will be shot alongside the other androids by army soldiers.
  1. If Markus chose to lead a demonstration and accepts Perkins' deal, North will be shot in the head.




North is the most guarded among Jericho's androids when Markus arrives in their hideout. At the first chance to speak with her, directly asking about her past will negatively affect her opinion of Markus. Nonetheless, when Markus suggests a plan to steal biocomponents in Spare Parts, North does not hesitate to volunteer.

Her drive to help androids is shown throughout the story, willing to take extra risks like stealing the truck in Spare Parts and charging headfirst into a fight whenever she perceives a threat. Besides the treatment of androids in general, North’s past as a sex android fuels her distrust of humans and compassion for other androids, leaving her visibly distressed when she recounts the experience to Markus.

North believes that strength is the message that androids should send to humans and that nothing can be obtained through peaceful means, even if this results in negative public opinion. This put her at odds with Josh who opposes her violent methods. North is also not averse to extreme methods like killing unarmed humans and shooting Simon for the sake of Jericho.

If Markus is indecisive, North takes charge and uses her own solutions. She leads Jericho in Markus' absence or death, she abandons all efforts for peace but will remain defiant until the end. If Connor encounters her in the Cyberlife store after losing the revolution, North will tell him that androids will rise again.

Depending on player choices, North’s opinion of Markus and the android cause changes based on his competence. Failed missions will result in North rejecting Markus and stepping up as the new leader. Despite's North aversion to peaceful methods, she will support Markus if he shows conviction and proves his capabilities as a leader. Whether Markus leads a revolution or a demonstration, North will be supportive. If the relationship between North and Markus is positive, she will offer her "heart" or thirium pump regulator to Markus in the revolution if he is shot down. In a successful peaceful demonstration, North is shown to be happy.

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims North has killed:

  • Simon (Caused, Determinant)
  • Herself (Suicide or Sacrifice, Determinant)
  • Numerous counts of unnamed humans (Determinant)

Behind the scenes[]

  • North was portrayed by Minka Kelly, who provided her likeness, the voice acting and performance capture. Kelly's likeness is one of the WR400 Traci model's looks and also seen on other android models (e.g. BL100).
    • Emilie Ricard did the motion capture stunts for North.
    • In dubbed versions North's voice was acted by: Fernanda Bullara (Brazilian Portuguese), Elsa Davoine (French), Ayumi Tsunematsu (Japanese), Anastasia Zharkova (Russian), Maria Koschny (German), Romina Marroquín Payró (Latin American Spanish), Sara Heras (European Spanish).


  • "Markus! No. No, we can't win without you! Our hearts are compatible. You have to take mine. You're the only one who can lead us, Markus! It's the only way. If you die, our cause dies with you. If you love me, take my heart." - North offering her heart to Markus in Battle for Detroit.

  • "My heart is beating inside your chest. I'll always be with you." - North's last words to Markus if Markus accepts her heart in Battle for Detroit.



  • North's character is a composite of both the cut fourth protagonist, Tracy, and Markus's former human love interest, Riley. Both characters were cut some time during development and merged together to form North, with her inheriting Tracy's overall storyline as well as Riley's physical appearance and romantic plotline.
    • North's Infiltration outfit is a combination of Tracy and Riley's outfits, with her pants, sleeve, and backpack belonging to an outfit that Tracy would wear in Capitol Park and her shirt and beanie being worn by Riley in a cut chapter that would have taken place within her apartment.
  • North's actress, Minka Kelly, was also a supporting character in the TV series Almost Human, which followed a human detective paired with an android partner, similar to Connor and Hank. While the show focused on more general sci-fi crime, it also dealt with themes of androids possessing human emotions and sentience.
  • Minka Kelly dated Markus' actor (Jesse Williams) for a few months after meeting each other while filming for Detroit: Become Human.[8]
  • North's case file can be seen in Waiting for Hank....
  • Several androids with North's model can be seen in Eden Club.
  • Some players found one of her long-haired looks bizarre as her hair is strapped down to her backpack. First seen in Capitol Park, the look is designed that way to minimize hair physics.[9]
  • If Markus is killed before Night of the Soul, North will become the new leader of deviants.
    • However, if Connor isn't a deviant, North’s revolution will always fail. If he is a deviant, he becomes the new leader of the revolution instead.
  • If Markus was exiled from Jericho but came back and started the revolution, TV reporters will still consider North to be the leader of the deviants instead of him.


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