Oliver's Father is a human in Detroit: Become Human. He and his family are seen at the bus terminal getting ready to leave Detroit to go to Canada.


He is in a relationship with an unnamed woman and they have an infant son, Oliver.

Battle for Detroit Edit

He will tell his wife that buses are here and they are ready to leave. Then, he will ask his wife if she has the tickets but as they go, the tickets fall off from the bag onto the floor. Kara can pick up the tickets and keep if for herself and her companions.

Whe they return, he will become angry with his wife about losing the tickets. He will ask Kara if she has seen any tickets around here. If Kara tells him that there are no tickets laying around, he will be disappointed and worried about what they are going to do if they can't find the tickets. If Kara says she found the ticket, he will thank her and tell his wife not to be so careless with the tickets.

Notes Edit

  • A man with the same character model is seen in various chapters. He may be the same character or likely just a reuse of the character model.
  • His appearance is determinant.


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