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Partners Flowchart - Detroit Become Human

This is the flowchart walkthrough for Partners, with 100% completion rate and all checkpoints. This chapter is from the perspective of Connor, who was sent to find Lieutenant Hank Anderson and accompany him in the investigation of a murder committed by a deviant.

To the right is a picture showing the in-game flowchart, while below is a text version for ease of use.

Endings Edit

  • Found Deviant (zero impact on Connor's Software Instability)
  • Crime Unsolved

Flowchart Edit

  1. In Front of the Bar (checkpoint)
  2. Enter Jimmy's Bar
    • Face Scan Customers - scan at least one person who isn't Hank
  3. Face Scan Lt. Anderson
  4. Talk to Lt. Anderson
    • Buy Him Another Drink (Hank Relationship largeup)
    • Wait Outside
    • Spill Hank's Drink Cc impact (Hank Relationship largedown) - cross-chapter impact: unlocks a dialogue option to apologize in Waiting for Hank....
  5. Connor and Hank Arrive At Scene (checkpoint)
  6. Crime Scene
    • Examine Eden Club Flyer - in the living room
    • Examine Chair - in the kitchen
    • Analyze Red Ice - in the living room
    • Analyze Baseball Bat - in the kitchen
      • Reconstruct Assault With Bat
    • Analyze Carlos' Body - in the living room
      • Reconstruct Carlos' Last Moments
    • Sample Blood
    • Open Closet
    • (Magazine)
    • Analyze Missing Knife - in the kitchen
    • Analyze Blood on Walls
    • Analyze Knife
    • Check Shower
    • Investigate Writing
    • Analyze Backyard
    • Hank Wants to Go
      • Ask For More Time
        • Hank Refuses - if you spilled his drink
          • Hank Ends Investigation
          • Crime Unsolved
        • Hank Accepts - if you didn't spill his drink
  7. (Finish Investigating)
    • Out of Time - if Hank wanted to leave, gave you more time, and you ran out of time again
      • Crime Unsolved
    • Connor Knows What Happened
  8. Report to Lt. Anderson
    • Fail to Reconstruct the CrimeFailure
      • Crime Unsolved
    • Reconstruct the CrimeSuccess
        1. Follow Blue Blood to the Attic
        2. Search Attic
        3. Cc impact Found Deviant

Cross-chapter impactsEdit

  1. Examine Statue
  2. Found Deviant

Relationship ChangesEdit


  • Choosing "threaten" or "persist" when first meeting Hank at the bar Relationship down
  • Spilling Hank's drink Relationship largedown
  • Buying Hank another drink Relationship largeup
  • Choosing "patient" or "diplomatic" after arriving at crime scene Relationship up
  • Choosing "firm" after arriving at crime scene Relationship down
  • Failing to solve the crime Relationship down
  • Correctly reconstructing the crime Relationship up