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Partners is the sixth chapter of Detroit: Become Human. This chapter has two different outcomes.


Connor was sent by CyberLife to find Lieutenant Hank Anderson and accompany him in the investigation of the murder of Carlos Ortiz, committed by a deviant. He finds the lieutenant at Jimmy's Bar and has to convince him to drive to the location of the homicide. At the crime scene, Connor needs to investigate the scene to find clues about the homicide and possibly find the deviant who committed the murder.


  • Found Deviant (zero impact on Connor's Software Instability)
  • Crime Unsolved


This is the flowchart walkthrough for Partners, with 100% completion rate and all checkpoints. This chapter is from the perspective of Connor. To the right is a picture showing the in-game flowchart, while below is a text version for ease of use.

  1. In Front of the Bar (checkpoint)
  2. Enter Jimmy's Bar
    • Face Scan Customers - scan at least one person who isn't Hank
  3. Face Scan Lt. Anderson
  4. Talk to Lt. Anderson
    • Buy Him Another Drink (Hank Relationship largeup.png)
    • Wait Outside
    • Spill Hank's Drink Cross-chapter impact (Hank Relationship largedown.png) - cross-chapter impact: unlocks a dialogue option to apologize in Waiting for Hank... if the crime remained unresolved.
  5. Connor and Hank Arrive At Scene (checkpoint)
  6. Crime Scene
    • Examine Eden Club Flyer - in the living room
    • Examine Chair - in the kitchen
    • Analyze Red Ice - in the living room
    • Analyze Baseball Bat - in the kitchen
      • Reconstruct Assault With Bat
    • Analyze Carlos' Body - in the living room
      • Reconstruct Carlos' Last Moments
    • Sample Blood
    • Open Closet
    • (Magazine)
    • Analyze Missing Knife - in the kitchen
    • Analyze Blood on Walls
    • Analyze Knife
    • Check Shower
    • Investigate Writing
    • Analyze Backyard
    • Hank Wants to Go
      • Ask For More Time
        • Hank Refuses - if you spilled his drink
          • Hank Ends Investigation
          • Crime Unsolved
        • Hank Accepts - if you didn't spill his drink
  7. (Finish Investigating)
    • Out of Time - if Hank wanted to leave, gave you more time, and you ran out of time again
      • Crime Unsolved
    • Connor Knows What Happened
  8. Report to Lt. Anderson
    • Fail to Reconstruct the CrimeFailure
      • Crime Unsolved
    • Reconstruct the CrimeSuccess
        1. Follow Blue Blood to the Attic
        2. Search Attic
        3. Cross-chapter impact Found Deviant

Cross-chapter impacts[]

  1. Examine Statue
  2. Found Deviant

Relationship Changes[]


  • Choosing "threaten" or "persist" when first meeting Hank at the bar Relationship down.png
  • Spilling Hank's drink Relationship largedown.png
  • Buying Hank another drink Relationship largeup.png
  • Choosing "patient" or "diplomatic" after arriving at crime scene Relationship up.png
  • Choosing "firm" after arriving at crime scene Relationship down.png
  • Failing to solve the crime Relationship down.png
  • Correctly reconstructing the crime Relationship up.png

Attention to Detail[]

Things you can do with little to no story impact:

  • Connor looks at the mirror in the bathroom at Jimmy's Bar
  • He can also look at some of the graffiti on the wall of men's room
  • Looking at several windows at the murder scene, particularly their damaged blinds
  • Checking behind the curtain next to the bathroom


  • The songs that play in Jimmy's Bar are "Can't Leave", "C Blues" and "Straight and Narrow" by The Whiskey Charmers and "Boom Goes the Music Box" by Emily Rose.
  • When Hank drives to Carlos Ortiz's house, the song that plays in his car "Go to Hell" by Rocket 455.
  • Hank's starting relationship status with Connor is "Tense". Depending on Connor's first interaction with him, it can plunge down to "Hostile", remain "Tense", or soar up to "Neutral". This is specifically tied to how the player behaves towards his drink.
  • At Carlos Ortiz's house, the cups next to the Red Ice resemble cups from the Fast Food Restaurant, Whataburger.
  • If Connor takes his blood sample while Hank is interacting with another officer or not facing Connor, Hank does not react or even seem to notice what he's doing regardless of whether the sample is taken from the carpet or the knife.
  • This chapter bears a few similarities to the chapter "Crime Scene" from another Quantic Dream game Heavy Rain.
    • Both Connor and Norman Jayden first meet their partners they have to be with throughout the game.
    • Both Connor and Norman have to investigate a crime scene by analyzing the body and scanning the environment for evidence.