Pedro Aabdar is a human in Detroit: Become Human. He is a criminal that hangs out with Hank Anderson and does business with him. He has a criminal record of illegal gambling and fraud.


Pedro Aabdar was born January 25, 2005 in Detroit and quickly fell into petty crime, specifically illegal gambling and fraud. He has some reputation in the neighborhood where his friends appreciate his good humor, his indeterminate accent and his famous hot tips on the next horse race.[1]


He is be seen riding on the train to Ferndale station.

The NestEdit

If Connor didn't die in "On the Run", he will show up at the Chicken Feed, where Hank will greet Pedro. Hank is disappointed that Pedro lost his money from his "shit hot-tip" last time on the horse race. He convinces Hank that this "shit hot-tip" for the horse is good this time around. Hank will give him the money, and Pedro will be happy and he then walks away with the cash.




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