The Phillips apartment is a location in Detroit: Become Human. It is an apartment owned by the Phillips family. Its address is 1554 Park Av. Detroit, on the 70th floor of the building. It is the main location of the chapter “The Hostage”.



Caroline and John Phillips and their daughter Emma lived in the apartment with their domestic android Daniel.

On August 15, 2038, the Phillips were about to have dinner. John sat on the couch, ordering an AP700 android to replace Daniel, while Emma was in her room at the time. Daniel, a PL600 housekeeper, received an emotional shock, as he considered himself part of the family and did not want to be replaced. He decided to steal John's gun. Daniel shot John, which Emma did not hear as she was listening to music. Daniel grabbed Emma and took her hostage. As they fled to the terrace, first responder Officer Antony Deckart arrived and was shot by Daniel.[1]

The HostageEdit

The android Connor is sent by CyberLife to assist the police in resolving the situation.[1] He plays the role of the negotiator for Daniel. His task is to assess the situation, gatter clues and negotiate with Daniel to free Emma and surrender.

ITM covers the situation on TV.


  • The apartment is entered via elevator, which leads into a foyer with an aquarium, containing fish such as Dewey, a dwarf gourami.
  • It has bedrooms for the parents and for the daughter Emma.
  • It has an open-plan area containing the living room, dining room, and kitchen.
  • Outside this joint room is a large roof terrace with a swimming pool.



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