Police officer #0617 or Policeman is a human who works for the Detroit City Police Department in Detroit: Become Human.


He appears in the chapter "Midnight Train". He is patrolling the area due to reports of androids and wants to inspect the house. Kara will offer to make him coffee, which he accepts. He will ask her questions and if she failed to hide any evidence of the deviants, his suspicion will increase and he will ask questions about what he finds.

He can check the pantry if Luther and Alice were told to hide in there and the curtain is open. He will pull out his pistol and shoot Luther as he charges towards him, but he also dies as Luther will shove him and he hits his head against a table as he falls.

When he hears noises in another room and Kara chooses to say it is nothing, he will examine the room and find two other androids in the house. He will pull out his gun and point it at Kara and Adam, telling them to get in the room with the others. Luther will attack him, which also results in Luther dying and the officer dying.

If his suspicion level is low, he will say goodbye and leave.