Connor possesses a quarter coin in Detroit: Become Human.

It is a U.S. quarter dollar coin minted in 1994 with George Washington's profile and the words "Liberty" and "In God we trust."

Connor performs dexterity tricks with the coin, using it to calibrate his cognitive and physical functions, sharpening himself for the challenges ahead.

How Connor came by this particular coin remains to be seen.[1]


  • In "The Hostage", Connor plays with the coin in the elevator before entering the Phillips apartment.
  • In "Public Enemy", Connor plays with the coin in the Stratford Tower elevator and has a friendly relationship with Hank. Hank takes the coin away, and can later be seen attempting to imitate Connor's tricks.
  • One of Connor's idle animations is him doing his coin tricks: rolling it over his knuckles or passing it between hands. It is seen in game if the player remains idle long enough, and in his Extras Gallery model.


  • According to Bryan Dechart, the actor who portrays Connor, all the coin tricks were performed by him, but they added the coin in later.[2]



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