The RK200 is an android model created by CyberLife in Detroit: Become Human.


The RK200 is a CyberLife android model. Its known functions are as a domestic assistant and companion.

The android Markus is a RK200 prototype initially developed as part of a secret CyberLife program aimed at elaborating a new generation of autonomous androids.[1] It is not mentioned whether one, some or all RK-series models are included in the secret program.

Markus is the only known RK200 in the finalized game. He is also capable of preconstruction and voice mimicry, abilities otherwise only seen in RK800 models. He can also play the piano, sing and paint.


Notes Edit

  • In the teaser trailer for Detroit: Become Human, a male and female RK200 are seen in a store window. They were advertised as capable of "housekeeping, babysitting, cooking", and was sold at $7999 upwards.[2] It is unknown if this is still canon for the final game.
  • Elijah Kamski gave the RK200 "Markus" to Carl Manfred as a gift.


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