The RK800 "Connor" is an android model by CyberLife.

The Connor model includes a physical simulation software based on the analysis of elements of the crime scene. He can thus reconstruct past events by cross-checking the evidence at his disposal.[1]

It is also the first model to offer the analysis of biological evidence in real time, by direct sampling and ingestion of samples.[1]


The RK800 is a CyberLife RK-series prototype released in August 2038.[1] Its function is to assist law enforcement and engage in investigative work. Unlike previous police android models, it is designed to take an active part in investigations.

The RK800 has a wide range of intellectual and forensic abilities. For a detailed list, see Connor's article.

The RK800 and presumably, other RK models have a much stronger field of protection against deviancy.

The RK800 appears as an adult male with brown eyes and brown hair. Instead of the usual android uniforms, it wears a more human outfit consisting of a gray semi-formal jacket, white shirt, dark tie, and dark jeans. The jacket is marked with the regular android identifiers.

The RK900 is a (potential) update of the RK800 prototype that expands on its abilities and shares its physical appearance.



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