The RK900 is an android model produced by CyberLife.

It appears in a possible mid-credits scene in Detroit: Become Human.


The RK900 is an upgrade on the prototype RK800 "Connor" model. Compared to its predecessor, the RK900 is faster, stronger, more resilient, and equipped with new features and the latest technologies, while the RK800's flaws were rectified. It is CyberLife's most advanced and effective model at the time of its release in November 2038.[1][2]

It has one known visual look: an appearance almost identical to the RK800 (portrayed by Bryan Dechart), but with grey eyes instead of brown. It wears a more traditional android uniform with a stark white and black semi-formal jacket with a high closed collar and black pants.[1]

The RK900 presumably has the same and more abilities than its predecessor, the RK800 prototype; for the latter's abilities, see Connor#Abilities.


In the event of Connor fulfilling his mission and a thwarted android uprising, CyberLife releases the RK900 in November 2038[2]. The United States State Department ordered 200,000 units.[1]

Amanda then meets Connor in the Zen Garden to show him the new RK900, and to tell him that he is, as of now, an obsolete RK800 model who will be deactivated upon returning to CyberLife.[1]


  • RK900 #313 248 317 - 87: It is presented by Amanda to its predecessor RK800 Connor in a possible Detroit: Become Human mid-credits scene.[1]



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