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You must excuse Ralph. Ralph still finds it difficult to control himself. Sometimes his fear makes him do things he regrets...
Ralph to Kara[src]

Ralph is a WR600 android in Detroit: Become Human.



Ralph was a gardener, one of five thousand WR600s bought by Detroit during the 2030s to maintain its parks.

Ralph was attacked by a group of human delinquents who tortured him for fun before he managed to flee. He was reported missing by his owners.

Ralph lives and hides in an abandoned squat in the Camden suburb on the outskirts of Detroit, having developed a fear and hatred of humans.


When Kara and Alice go to the abandoned house, Kara attempts to find a way inside the home. Ralph is seen holding a knife and threatening Alice, so Kara tries to convince him that they will not harm him. She can either successfully convince him, or use the gun taken in Stormy Night to threaten Ralph. He will change his mind, apologize for his behavior and offer to let them stay in the house. If the player decides to go inside, Alice will feel uncomfortable around him and he will be seen carving rA9 on the walls with a knife. If Kara asks what it means, he replies "I don't know." This is one of the only times he refers to himself in the first person.[1]

On the Run[]

After Kara goes upstairs and changes her appearance, she can find the body of a man in the bathtub with his throat slit. However, Ralph attempts to play house with Kara and Alice, having caught a large rodent as "food" for Alice, and he will insist that she eat it like the humans do as an apology for his behavior last night. When Ralph starts to get agitated when Alice does not eat it, Kara can either threaten him with her gun or a knife on the table, confront him about the corpse in his bathtub, or try to talk him down.

Kara has the option to threaten him with the gun taken from Stormy Night or if she sits down and doesn't have the gun (either she didn't take it in Stormy Night or she forgot to pick up and left it upstairs) she can then threaten Ralph with a knife on the table. Before tension can rise, they're interrupted by the arrival of Connor. Kara and Alice will slip through the back before Connor enters the house.

If confronted about the body or talked down, Ralph will apologize and say he wanted to be their friend. When Connor approaches, Ralph will hide the girls under the stairs to protect them.

He is found by Connor when he later enters the abandoned house. Connor can scan Ralph and find information on his model, job, and scar. Connor can interrogate him about Kara's location and Ralph will deny knowing anything if Kara did not threaten him. If Connor finds them, Ralph will grab Connor and tell Kara and Alice to run.

If Connor does not find them, Hank Anderson will order Connor to leave and Kara will thank Ralph while Ralph tells Kara to protect Alice no matter what. If Kara threatened Ralph, he will freak out saying he only wanted to help them. When Connor asks Ralph where they went, Ralph will tell him they ran out through the back door. [2] From here, Ralph will disappear from the story entirely and not reappear again in Battle for Detroit - Kara Captured

Battle for Detroit - Kara Captured[]

Ralph is among those sent to Recall Center Nº5 if Kara ran into him in Fugitives, Kara didn't threaten him and Connor found Kara and Alice. Kara can talk to him and he will panic, attracting the attention of a drone. Kara can ask him about Alice, try to calm him down, or stop talking to him. If Kara instantly asks him about Alice, he will panic more loudly and be killed by the drone. If Kara "gives up", she will leave Ralph in a panicked state, but alive. If Kara does calm him down, he will say that he hasn't seen Alice. Ralph will then stop talking and sit down by the fence.

If still alive, Ralph will reappear in a line beside Kara repeatedly saying he doesn't want to die.

If he and Kara parted on good terms in 'On the Run', he will offer to help Kara and Alice escape the Recall Center. If asked by Kara to help, he will wish them well before he will sacrifice himself to distract the U.S. Army soldiers, enabling her to escape. If Kara does not ask for his help and Kara is overpowered by a soldier trying to escape, Ralph will tackle the soldier before he can shoot Kara and yell for her to run. The soldier manages to regain the upper hand and shoots Ralph. [3]


Ralph's fate is left unknown. It is uncertain whether Ralph survives if Markus liberates the Recall Center, or if he is never sent to the recall center, he disappears, possibly remaining in hiding.


Possible Deaths[]

Battle for Detroit[]

  • Drone (Determinant)
  1. If Kara talks to Ralph in the Recycling Center, and she chooses "Insist" at the very least the second time when the drone spots them both, Ralph will begin to freak out and the drone will shoot him in the head.
  • Soldier (Determinant)
  1. If Ralph makes it to the line and Markus doesn't lead a revolution, Kara can choose to sacrifice Ralph to provide a distraction for them to escape. During which he distract the soldiers and be gunned down by them.
  2. If Luther died or was used to provide a distraction, and if Kara failed to fight the soldier, Ralph will charge the soldier and provide an opportunity for Kara to escape. During which he will be killed while Kara and Alice escape.


One of Ralph's most prominent features is the scarring on the left side of his face. In addition to a large number of smaller scars, he also has two larger, open gashes where the damage appears too great for his skin to regenerate. His left eye is also affected as it appears black and mechanical with a dark blue iris and sclera.

When Connor scans him, he sees that the damage was caused by burning, probably deliberate.


Ralph habitually refers to himself in the third person. Although he is distrusting of humans and androids due to his past trauma, he also seems to have a desire to be a part of a family as he refers to Kara, Alice, and himself as "Father, Mother, Little girl" while cooking an animal.

He has an energetic personality and his mood can rapidly fluctuate between extremes, for example, going from fearful to giddy in seconds. He also has trouble controlling his anger, having seemingly killed a human in rage at one point. If captured and brought to the recall center he will say he is responsible for multiple human killings.

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims Ralph has killed.

  • Himself (Sacrifice, Determinant)
  • A Few Unnamed Humans (Possibly Accidental, Off-Screen)



  • Ralph has some stolen money in the kitchen, which Kara can steal or leave.
  • All his appearances are determinant.
  • Ralph can be the first android to notice Alice is an android herself. If Kara cuts through the fence to the squat and choose "Little Girl" when she meets Ralph, Ralph will say "She's not a little girl."
  • Some dead animals can be seen around the house, including the kitchen, possibly killed by Ralph.
  • The Morse code that appears above his model number when Connor scans him reads "ROSEBUD", a reference to the film Citizen Kane.
  • Ralph bears some resemblance to Michael Fassbender's character David, an android in Alien: Covenant.
  • If spoken to in the recall center, Ralph will claim to have killed a few humans in self-defense.
  • Ralph shares his appearance with WM500 and TW400 androids.
  • The only times Ralph does not speak in the third person is when he says "I don't know." in response to Kara asking him why he's writing the word RA9 on the walls and when Kara tells him that humans do not eat dead animals, where he responds with "I know that".


  • "Visitors... Ralph doesn't like visitors! They're nasty! They may hurt Ralph!" – Ralph when first meeting Kara and Alice.

  • "Little girl? She's not a little girl... Anyway, what does that matter? Maybe she wants to hurt Ralph?" – Ralph when told Alice is just a little girl.

  • "Visitors are dangerous. Look, what they did to Ralph" – Ralph showing Kara his scarred face after she calms him down.

  • "(No, don't hurt Ralph!) You must excuse Ralph... Ralph still finds it difficult to control himself... Sometimes his fear makes him do things he regrets... Ralph has seen some hard times... He's just so scared the humans will get him again." – Ralph when Kara reassures him or threatens him with a gun.

  • "Ralph has lived here since he ran away... Ralph never goes outside, so no one knows he lives here... Humans come in to squat from time to time, but you know, Ralph just hides 'til they leave." – Ralph when Kara and Alice enter the abandoned house.

  • "A present... To make up for past misunderstandings... Ralph'll cook... We will do just like humans do." – Ralph while presenting a dead animal.

  • "Succulent you'll see. Succulent. Succulent." - Ralph while cooking the dead animal.

  • " Go ahead, eat! (...) EAT! (...) Eat!" Ralph to Alice from eating dead animals.

  • "The little human is not going to regret it! Ralph found the best, the biggest one he find! This is going to be succulent!" – Ralph while serving Alice a dead animal.

  • "When his anger comes, Ralph doesn't know what he's doing... he... he becomes stupid... full of hatred... Ralph is sorry... He just wanted to be your friend." – Ralph when confronted about the corpse.

  • "Ralph went to a lot of trouble... That's why... he just wanted the little girl to eat... But Ralph is not bad, no, not bad." – Ralph when told about family.

  • "Ralph just wanted to be nice... Ralph wanted to help." – Ralph when questioned by Connor after being threatened by Kara.

  • "Protect the little girl... The humans must not find her." – Ralph to Kara when her and Alice are not found by Connor.

  • "Of course Ralph doesn't want to die... but he doesn't want the little girl to die either...Ralph can help you to escape...You only have to ask Ralph will help you." – Ralph offering to sacrifice himself.

  • "But if the little girl is free, it's a little bit like if everyone is free. Ralph isn't scared. The little girl's life is more important... Take good care of the little girl. Ralph wants you both to be happy." – Ralph's last words if Kara chooses to use him to distract the soldiers.


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