Recall Center Nº5 is a location in Detroit: Become Human. It is an extermination camp for androids. It was created and is ordered by U.S. President Cristina Warren.

It is a place where androids and deviants are destroyed.

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Recall Center Nº5, or the recycling center, is one of the final settings for Kara's story if she was caught. It is a heavily-guarded facility with U.S. Army soldiers and drones in which androids, most of them being deviants or androids that were handed to authorities, are lined up in large groups and are promptly disassembled. The soldiers will shoot on site if a deviant or deviants are caught escaping or disobeying an order made by soldiers.

If Kara, Alice and Luther are sent to the recycling center, they are tasked with escaping the facility. It is possible for them to die or survive, depending on the actions the player takes. Certain options also become available based off of who Kara has befriended during her journey.

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