Red Ice Task Force is a unit mentioned in Detroit: Become Human. It is a task force of the Detroit City Police Department to crack down on the distribution of the drug Red Ice.


The Red Ice Task Force is a multi-department special unit founded in 2027 in Detroit, the epicenter of Red Ice distribution.

In February 3, 2028, the unit was able to make more arrest than other states by placing a number of high-profiled dealers and suppliers (over 50 throughout the country) and seizing $500,000 street value of Red Ice made possible by Hank Anderson, who led and planned the operation. Hank was then eventually promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, and is considered the youngest to attain this rank.

In November 23, 2031, after a long investigation conducted by Hank, the unit discovered a huge amount (nearly a ton) of Red Ice in the hold of a boat, which is consider the biggest bust made in Detroit.