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Officer Robert Lewis[1] is a human in Detroit: Become Human. He works for the Detroit City Police Department.


Robert was assigned to patrol unit 975 with Tina Chen as his partner.

Public Enemy[]

Robert is seen conversing with other officers and later leaves the Stratford Tower.

Capitol Park[]

He arrives in a police car if Markus is spotted by the police drone or was destroyed by Markus. Robert and his partner receive reports of the police drone being destroyed. If Markus and North choose to hide, Robert will get out of the police car with his partner Tina to investigate the disappearance of the drone. Markus can hack the police radio signal and pose as a police dispatcher to send them to the other side of town to get rid of them. If Markus chose to kiss North, Robert and Tina will drive by without getting out of the car.


He is an overweight black police officer. His name tag is seen in the character gallery.


  • While not revealed in the game itself, his name is revealed in his name tag on his jacket as "Robert Lewis" and "R. Lewis" is stitched on his uniform behind the name tag.



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