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Rose's Farm is a location in Detroit: Become Human.

It is a house and farm in rural Michigan, outside Detroit, owned by Rose Chapman. It advertises "Natural Honey" and "Organic Pumpkins".


Rose and her husband purchased the house. Rose and her son Adam work on the farm.

Sympathizing with deviants, Rose uses the farm to hide and aid androids in escaping and getting across the border to Canada.

Midnight Train[]

Kara, Alice, and Luther arrive at the farm and find Adam chopping wood behind the house. He asks them what are they doing there and Kara answers that they are looking for help. His mother notices them and invites them into the house, where they discuss the group's circumstances. Another group of deviant androids is also hiding in the laundry room. Later, Rose leaves the house to find someone to help her smuggle androids to the Canadian border and a Detroit policeman knocks on the door, searching the area for deviant androids.