Russia (Российская Федерация, Rossiyskaya Federatsiya) is a country in Eurasia mentioned in Detroit: Become Human.


In 2038, Russia and United States of America were in conflict over the Arctic about Russia wanting to claim the Artic and exploit for resources.


It is implied that Russia is revamping the discoveries of the android, since at first the machines were not so anthropic. It is seen in a magazine that they are manufacturing massive quantities of androids for their armed, paramilitary and police forces, but they are also working with China to develop machines and ultra powerful computers for space exploration, terraforming of planets, and even spatial colonization.

Russia has agreed to signed a unified trade agreement with Brazil, India, China, and South Africa that will reduce tariffs and boost commerce between the different nations.

Russia is also investing fortunes in modernizing cities and building futuristic megalopolis like Detroit, etc., and they are developing very powerful technologies for industry, tourism, consumer and defense and military together with China and possibly other countries.




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