The scarred android is an unknown model android in Detroit: Become Human. She is owned by Zlatko Andronikov. She was one of his experiments and damaged by the experiments Zlatko performed.



In "Zlatko", she and the other androids are seen packed together in the basement locked in a room in Zlatko's house. She and her comrades can be freed by Kara. Later, when Zlatko tries to kill Kara and Alice with his shotgun but is disarmed by Luther, Scarred android and the rest of Zlatko's creatures will beat Zlatko to death.[1]

Battle for DetroitEdit

In "Battle for Detroit", if freed in "Zlatko", she and her fellow androids have been captured by the U.S. Army and sent to the recall center. Kara can find her and she explains they were captured because some humans reported seeing them and called them monsters. She tells Kara that a few of her fellow androids were shot and destroyed by the army. She will appear if Kara was captured and sent to the recall center. When Kara and Alice are separated from each other.

Kara can talk to her ask if she has seen Alice and says she has not seen her and tell Kara how she got captured. Later, when Kara and Alice are lined up, the scarred android will offer to help distract the soldier so Kara can go to Alice. If Kara used Jerry instead of the scarred android to distract guards, she can be used to draw their attention away and allow for the trio or duo to escape. Either way, if Kara accepts her offer, the scarred android and another android will make noise and bang against the fencing, which annoys the soldiers.[2]


Most of her body looks intact except for her hands, feet, and her upper torso including her face are badly burned. In addition her head has been completely split open. When she is seen in the recall center her skin has been deactivated and her head has roughly been put back together with a gap still noticeable. Because of this she has regained the use of her eyes, which are a distinct yellow color.


  • There is another android with the scarred android's model in Zlatko's bedroom upstairs. But this can't be "Scarred Android" because in order to get her to appear in the recall center, Kara has to have freed the androids from the basement.



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