Solid Waste Landfill is a location in Detroit: Become Human. It is a dumping ground for androids that were destroyed at the recall centers or disposed of due to being old and/or broken.

Game[edit | edit source]

From the Dead[edit | edit source]

Markus was dumped here after being shot and partially destroyed by DPD officers. He scavenged biocomponents from both dead and alive androids to repair himself, and obtained the key to locate Jericho from Phileas. After crawling out of the landfill, Markus takes his advice to locate Jericho and follows the symbols to the abandoned freighter.

Battle of Detroit[edit | edit source]

If Kara was captured, Alice's, Luther's and/or her final scene will be at the landfill unless they were killed at the recall center or Markus' revolution succeeded. There are multiple endings where the escaped character(s) wake up without their clothes or skin, such as:

  • If Kara wakes up alone, she will look around the landfill before tearfully whispering Alice's name.
  • If Alice wakes up alone, she cries as she looks around the landfill, then screams for Kara.
  • If Kara and Alice wake up together, Kara will stand, shouting Alice's name as she looks for her. Alice gets up as Kara spots her and runs. As they hug, Alice tells Kara she loves her, and Kara tells her she loves her too.
  • If Luther and Alice wake up together, Luther will wake and look around for Alice, who stands and runs to him. Luther kneels, embracing her as she reaches him.
  • If Kara, Luther and Alice wake up together, Kara will stand up and look around, shouting Alice's name as Luther gets up and also looks for her. Alice gets up as the two spot her and runs to Kara, telling her she loves her. The two androids hug, and Luther embraces them.
  • If Kara and Alice stepped into the recycling machine and were destroyed, their bodies will be seen discarded in the landfill.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • In From the Dead, there is an Easter egg in the form of an AX400 android singing "Sakura Sakura", a song in Japanese from "KARA", the original tech demo for Detroit: Become Human.
  • On the landfill is a large pole with the word "Veta" in neon letters; this may possibly be the name of a company owning or related to the landfill.

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