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This article is about the building. For the chapter, see The Stratford Tower.

Stratford Tower (Stratford Tower Business & Media Center) is a high-rise building in Detroit in Detroit: Become Human. It houses the broadcast office for Channel 16.

The building[]

  • Floor 31-46: Business & Legal
  • Floor 47-50: Channel 16 Studios
  • Floor 79[1]: Stratford Broadcast Floor, with Broadcast Room

It bears a 1000 square ft screen on its side, as well as high-speed elevators with a top speed of 30 mph, which respectively are the largest and fastest in Detroit.[2]

It has state of the art broadcasting technology.[3] Some parts of the building are currently being renovated.

The maintenance of the building is maintained by WM400 androids and floor cleaning robots. Security is maintained by armed human security guards.


On November 8, 2038, Markus and crew infiltrate the Tower and hijack the Channel 16 broadcast to spread their message to humans and androids.[2]

Later on the same day, the FBI and Detroit police arrive on the scene. Hank Anderson and Connor arrive to investigate the hijacking.[1]



  • In the chapter Crossroads, when we play as Kara, in the same room where Markus is waiting at the first part of the chapter, we see a digital model of Downtown Detroit. If we wait enough, the moving map will show you that Stratford Tower is located between Greektown and GM Renaissance Center.