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Android soldiers: perfect killing machines


The microscopic machines that could make us live forever

VR MMORPG reaches 1 billion users

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Despite huge advances in medicine, many diseases continue to elude the best efforts of doctors and surgeons. But that may be about to change.

CyberLife has developed a 'nano-android', capable of entering a patient's body and programmed to combat cancer cells, boost the immune system, or reverse genetic disease.

In a recent clinical trial, millions of these tiny machines were used to attack cancerous cells. Once the cancer was eradicated, the nano-droid were passed through the patient's urine.

In the words of Derek Ross, head of the National Life Extension Institute, "the first immortals are now among us". Eradicating cancer, brain disease, and organ failure is going to unleash "unprecedented levels of life expectancy".

But famous economist and author Yuri Makesh is warning of an unintended consequence: "We already have an aging population, with a dwindling number of young people supporting a burdensome older class. With unemployment rising, can we really afford millions more elders to support?"

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This magazine is located in the The Eden Club chapter. After chasing the Tracis, it is found in the back of the warehouse on a box.

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