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The Interrogation is the ninth chapter of Detroit: Become Human. This chapter has four different outcomes.


This chapter is from the perspective of Connor. For this chapter to be available, the player must have located the deviant in Partners. The fate of the android prisoner affects later chapters.



Detroit Become Human- The Interrogation 100% Flow Chart

This is the flowchart walkthrough for The Interrogation, with 100% completion rate and all checkpoints. To the right is an image showing the in-game flowchart, while below is a text version for ease of use.

  1. Observation Room
  2. Interrogation Room
    • Analyze Android
      • Analyze Stress Level
      • Analyze Wounds
    • Review Photos
  3. Choose Approach
    • Probe Memory
      • Probe SucceedsSuccess
        • Carlos' Flashbacks
          • Express Regret
          • Android Starts Self-Destructing (happens if his stress is over 70%)
            • Do Nothing
              • Cross-chapter impact Android Smashed His Head
            • Intervene
              • Death Android Shot Connor and Itself
      • Resist to ProbeFailure
    • Convince
      • Convincing FailsFailure
      • Convincing SucceedsSuccess
        • Android Confesses
          • Android Starts Self-Destructing - see continuation above
          • Chris Intervenes (Happens if his stress is below 70%)
            • Give Up
              • Cross-chapter impact Android Shot Itself
              • Android Shoots Connor (happens if you pressure him and/or fail to probe his memory)
                • Death Android Shot Connor and Itself
            • Intervene
              • Cross-chapter impact Android Trusts Connor and/or Cross-chapter impact Android Was Sent Back to Its Cell
    • Pressure
      • Maintain Pressure
        • Android Confesses - see continuation above
      • Give Up
    • Give Up
      • Chris Intervenes - see continuation above

Influencing Carlos' Android's Stress[]

The android’s stress begins at 35% and is affected by every choice you make during the interrogation. The optimal range is between 50-70%[1]

  • FEAR: [Unlocked by ANALYZE] No effect.
  • SHOW PHOTOS: [Unlocked by Review Photos] Stress +4%
  • WOUNDS: [Unlocked by ANALYZE] Stress +4%
  • NAME: No response. Stress -4%

After two choices, you’ll get a different set of options:

  • COMFORT: Stress -4%
  • REASSURE: Stress -4%
  • THREATEN: Stress +4%
  • BLAME: Stress +4%

Then Connor can press the subject further:

  •  SYMPATHIZE: Stress -4%
  •  THREATEN: Stress +4%
  •  TRUST: Stress -4%
  •  PROBE MEMORY: Stress +8%

After two choices, or immediately after threatening to probe its memory, the android will ask if it is going to be destroyed:

  •  LIE: Stress -4%
  •  TRUTH: Stress +4%

The android asks why Connor didn’t let it go:

  •  LIE: Stress -4%
  •  TRUTH: Stress +4%

Then you get to choose an approach to continue the interrogation (Twice):

  • Probe its memory: If succeeded, stress goes to 100% unconditionally (forcing him to self destruction)
  • Pressure him: Stress +10% for the choice and for every time the player chose "Pressure" , for a max total of +50% .
    •  If the player chose "Pressure" all 4 times, the android will behave as if he has too much stress (even if his stress is in the optimal range) and will confess and then self-destruct.
    • GIVE UP: Stress -20%.

Convince it: You'll get 3 sets of 3 different options. If the Stress is within the Optimal Level, the Android will confess. If it's stress is too low or too high, the convince will fail.

  •  UNDERSTANDING: Stress -7%
  •  THREATEN: Stress +7%
  •  ORDER: Stress +7%

Then you will get:

  •  SYMPATHIZE: Stress -7%
  •  INDIFFERENT: Stress +7%
  •  COMFORT: Stress -7%

Then finally:

  •  PROTECT: Stress -7%
  •  TERRIFY: Stress +7%
  •  WARN: Stress +7%

Relationship Changes[]


  • Connor both dies and fails to get the confession Relationship down.png
  • Connor gets the confession by either pressuring or convincing Relationship up.png
  • Android was sent back to its cell Relationship up.png

Software Instability[]

  • Successfully probe android's memory Relationship up.png
  • Android was sent back to its cell Relationship up.png
  • Connor dies Relationship down.png


  • This chapter bears a few similarities to the chapter " Under Arrest" from another Quantic Dream game Heavy Rain.
  • The line "28 STAB WOUNDS!" and the lines following the "threaten" choice became an Internet meme among the community, due to how unexpected it is, and how extreme Connor is.
  • Intervening after the confession leads to one of the most iconic scenes of the game where Gavin and Hank have a dramatic disagreement over Connor's conduct.