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What happened to the Man of the Century?


Politics in focus: are American senators really corrupt?

China earthquake kills 10,000 people

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In 2028, Elijah Kamski was our Man of the Century. His creations have transformed our world. Androids didn't just revolutionize the economy, they changed the way we live, restructured our family life and altered the balance of society forever - whether for good or bad.

Shortly after, Kamski had disappeared. Ousted as CEO of CyberLife and living in obscurity outside the media glare, the Man of the Century has left the very world that he recreated.

Kamski's story begins in 2018, when commercial property in Detroit was cheap and attracting many start-ups. The college graduate bet what little he had on developing an android prototype and spent years to no avail - until hitting on two breakthroughs: blue blood and biocomponents.

After unveiling his first working model, which publically [sic] passed face-to-face Turing tests and stunned the world, plans were laid for mass production and CyberLife rapidly became the most valuable stock in the world. Yet at the peak of CyberLife's powers - when the company was approaching a $500bn valuation - rumors emerged that Kamski disagreed with his shareholders over strategy. He later departed under mysterious circumstances.

Today, sources claim Kamski is living in a luxurious villa by the water, somewhere on a the outskirts of his beloved Detroit, refusing all visitors and spending his time exclusively with androids. And the most interesting question remains unanswered: what's in the mind of the mysterious Mr. Kamski?

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This magazine is located in the The Bridge chapter, after Connor gets out of the car. Before talking to Hank Anderson, be sure to read the magazine on the bench. Talking to Hank first makes this impossible.