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Frozen treasures


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Is President Warren too close to CyberLife?

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Russia's interest in the North Pole has intensified with the recent discovery of precious minerals trapped in the frozen ice, many of which are used in synthesizing Thirium.

Android manufacture increasingly dominates both the US and Russian economies, but this isn't just about GDP - surplus Thirium reserves would allow either nation to experiment in more advanced android models, enhancing their military and industrial output tremendously.

Add to this the strategic importance of the region - which connects Russia with Europe through Norway and Denmark (Greenland), as well as Canada - and the prospect of a peaceful resolution to the dispute seem unlikely.

But a spokesperson for NATO is more optimistic: "Both nations stand to benefit from a stable, productive Arctic region. A conflict would benefit nobody".

President Warren, however, recently torpedoed the notion: "It's simple. Russia has no business in the Arctic. If the Kremlin doesn't understand that, we will make them understand."

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