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The Opening is the second chapter of Detroit: Become Human. This chapter has only one outcome.


This chapter is a cutscene and partial gameplay introduction to the story of the game.



Detroit Become Human — opening credits открывающие титры

Kara will be seen booting up in the Android Zone store. A little girl will look at her and her mother will tell her it is time to go. Kara can look around the store and Todd Williams will walk inside the store. Todd will wait till the supervising employee to come out. A man named Dan will walk out of the room and Todd will ask him for his android. Dan will tell Todd that it was a lot of work to fix her and ask how she got damaged and Todd will say that she was hit by a car. Dan will say during the repair he had to wipe the memory and ask if it has a name. Todd will say that his daughter named the android Kara. Dan will tell her to register her name and Todd will say the name. Kara will then state her name. The game show the scenery of Detroit and Todd driving home in a pickup truck with Kara inside.


  • David Cage composed and recorded the piano piece in the opening credits.[1]
  • According to Florent Auguy, one of the concept artists of the game, the opening credits was planned to show the evolution of androids but it was scrapped.[2]
    • Another concept artist of the game, Mikael Leger, claims that the idea was showing the evolution of androids/robotics in the form of a documentary, either on the introduction or on a TV screen in the game.[3]