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This article is about the chapter. For the amusement park, see Pirates' Cove.
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The Pirates' Cove is the twenty-first chapter of Detroit: Become Human. This chapter has only one outcome.


This chapter is from the perspective of Kara.


This is the flowchart walkthrough for The Pirates' Cove, with 100% completion rate and all checkpoints. To the right is a video showing the in-game flowchart, while below is a text version for ease of use.

  1. Highway to Help
  2. Car
  3. Car Breaks Down
  4. Investigate Breakdown
  5. Scan Environment
  6. Inside Pirates' Cove
  7. Fun Fair
    • Check Buildings
    • Examine Frozen Android
    • Look at Map
    • Switch On Ivan
  8. Check Abandoned Tavern
  9. Enter Tavern
  10. Inside Tavern (checkpoint)
  11. The Tavern
    • Read USS Iowa
    • Look at rA9 Writing - required to discuss rA9 with Luther later on in the chapter
    • Look at Leaflet
    • Luther Starts a Fire
    • Look Through Window
    • Look at "Pirate"
    • Read All-Android Band
  12. Make Bed for Alice
  13. Alice Looks at Poster
  14. Alice Goes to Bed
    • Open Bag
      • Offer Cookie - only available if bag is opened before telling Alice a story and Alice doesn't look at the poster
        • Alice is Not Hungry
      • See Gun
        • Kara Notices Gun - required for "Grab Gun" option below
  15. Tell Alice a Story
  16. Talk to Luther
  17. Shadows Attack
    • Choice 1
      • Grab Gun
      • Grab Stick From Fire
      • Protect Alice
      • Put Out Fire
    • Choice 2
      • Fire Warning Shot - only if Grab Gun was chosen above
      • Threaten
      • Question
      • Push Away
  18. Attackers Reveal Themselves as Jerrys
  19. Back Outside
  20. Go to Carousel
  21. Switch on Carousel
  22. Put Alice on Ride
  23. The Group Enjoyed a Quiet Moment Together

Relationship Changes[]


  • After Kara sets up a bed Relationship up.png
  • After looking at the poster with Alice Relationship up.png
  • Choosing "kiss" after tucking her into bed Relationship up.png
  • After Kara chooses how to end the story off Relationship up.png


  • When Kara answers Luther about Alice's true nature Relationship up.png

Public Opinion[]

  • Turning on news Relationship down.png
  • Continuing watching news, if the house has been burned in Zlatko Relationship down.png


  • Although listed in the flowchart, there is no option to threaten the Jerrys.
  • Some concept arts of Pirates' Cove depicts a chase scene which final game doesn't include. Apparently, in this chapter, the park was going to be raided after Alice rides the carousel, and a chase scene would start. But, it was either never realized or cut out.[1][2]
    • There is some cut audio in the game files reveals that in that scene, some boys would arrive to attack the Jerrys at the park. Also a unused pickup truck with a spotlight can be found and some human ped models can be found out of bounds on the map, which is mostly likely part of the removed event.[3]
  • In a concept art, the park was named "Pirates' Hideout".
  • Some Jerrys can be seen hopping in place, looking around in childlike excitement as Alice boards the carousel.
  • When investigating the abandoned buildings, Kara can come across empty boxes for the YK400 model.


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