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The Pirates' Cove is the twenty-first chapter of Detroit: Become Human. This chapter has only one outcome.

Overview Edit

This chapter is from the perspective of Kara.

Flowchart Edit

This is the flowchart walkthrough for The Pirates' Cove, with 100% completion rate and all checkpoints. To the right is a video showing the in-game flowchart, while below is a text version for ease of use.

  1. Highway to Help
  2. Car
  3. Car Breaks Down
  4. Investigate Breakdown
  5. Scan Environment
  6. Inside Pirates' Cove
  7. Fun Fair
    • Check Buildings
    • Examine Frozen Android
    • Android greets them and shutdowns
    • Look at Map
    • Switch On Ivan
  8. Check Abandoned Tavern
  9. Enter Tavern
  10. Inside Tavern (checkpoint)
  11. The Tavern
    • Read USS Iowa
    • Look at rA9 Writing - required to discuss rA9 with Luther later on in the chapter
    • Look at Leaflet
    • Luther Starts a Fire
    • Look Through Window
    • Look at "Pirate"
    • Read All-Android Band
  12. Make Bed for Alice
  13. Alice Looks at Poster
  14. Alice Goes to Bed
    • Open Bag
      • Offer Cookie - only available if bag is opened before telling Alice a story
        • Alice is Not Hungry
      • See Gun
        • Kara Notices Gun - required for "Grab Gun" option below
  15. Tell Alice a Story
  16. Talk to Luther
  17. Shadows Attack
    • Choice 1
      • Grab Gun
      • Grab Stick From Fire
      • Protect Alice
      • Put Out Fire
    • Choice 2
      • Fire Warning Shot - only if Grab Gun was chosen above
      • Threaten
      • Question
      • Push Away
  18. Attackers Reveal Themselves as Jerrys
  19. Back Outside
  20. Go to Carousel
  21. Switch on Carousel
  22. Put Alice on Ride
  23. The Group Enjoyed a Quiet Moment Together

Relationship ChangesEdit


  • After Kara sets up a bed Relationship up
  • After looking at the poster with Alice Relationship up
  • Choosing "kiss" after tucking her into bed Relationship up
  • After Kara chooses how to end the story off Relationship up


  • When Kara answers Luther about Alice's true nature Relationship up

Public Opinion Edit

  • Turning on news Relationship down
  • Continuing watching news, if the house has been burned in Zlatko Relationship down


  • Although listed in the flowchart, there is no option to threaten the Jerrys.
  • Some concept arts of Pirates' Cove depicts a chase scene which final game doesn't include. Apparently, in this chapter, the police were going to raid the park after Alice rides the carousel, and a chase scene would start. But, it was either never realized or cut out.[1][2]
  • In a concept art, the park was named "Pirates' Hideout".
  • One of the Jerrys can be seen hopping in place, looking around in childlike excitement as Alice boards the carousel.

References Edit

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