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Family life has never been easier...

UN warns of World War Three

President Warren at 33% approval

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When CyberLife initially released their child range, the public were skeptical of purchasing a "family". Now, the collection is one of CyberLife's bestsellers, but is this really a surprise.

Customizable, removable LED, no hunger, no expensive childcare, no new clothes and not to mention, no smelly diapers! The perfect child is only a click away. All its needs can be suspended at the touch of a button... It's child's play. It's the stress-free solution for career-oriented parents, those struggling to have their own children or miss having a youngster at home.

With unemployment at 37.3%, $7,500 for a child that avoids the dreaded teenage years and shelling out for college, seems like a wise investment compared to $350,000 over 17 years. Plus, it doesn't have to be a life-long commitment.

But Sociologist Mary Wallace argues that "these androids are leading fewer parents to have children at a time when our birthrates are already far too low", contributing to what she terms "the baby doom".

Jason Graff, director of humanization at CyberLife, dismisses these claims as "the usual resistance to new ideas", calling these new androids "a triumph of humanization design".

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This magazine is located in the Waiting for Hank... chapter, specifically on a desk in the center of the station. It will only show up if Markus attacked Leo in the Broken chapter.