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Time to Decide is the sixteenth chapter of Detroit: Become Human. This chapter has only one outcome.


This chapter is from the perspective of Markus.


This is the flowchart walkthrough for Time to Decide, with 100% completion rate and all checkpoints. To the right is a video showing the in-game flowchart, while below is a text version for ease of use.

Inside Jericho (load checkpoint)

The things you can do to explore Jericho:

Talk to Simon
  • Markus Hatched a Plan

Relationship Changes[]


  • Talking to Simon Relationship up.png


  • Talking to her Relationship up.png
  • Picking "you" while talking to her Relationship down.png
  • Talking to Simon Relationship up.png


  • Talking to him Relationship up.png


  • Talking to him Relationship up.png


  • There is an ethereal humming many notice throughout a part of the chapter.
    • It is in fact Lucy, humming the chords of "Hold On", an old gospel hymn. She doesn't stop until Markus goes to see her and she doesn't continue after he leaves.
  • There are four oil drums Markus can light in the hold.
    • Androids will congregate around the lit oil drums, despite not needing any warmth.
  • Previous or current residents have marked a part of the holds wall with a series of "RA9"s.