Officer Tina Chen is a human in Detroit: Become Human. She is a member of the Detroit City Police Department.


Tina's home address is 917 Laper Street, Detroit and was assigned to patrol unit 975 with Robert Lewis as her partner.

Waiting for Hank...Edit

In "Waiting for Hank...", Tina is seen talking with Detective Gavin Reed in the break room when Connor comes by. She then observes Gavin act rudely toward Connor and leaves with him.

Capitol ParkEdit

In "Capitol Park", she arrives in a police car if Markus is spotted by the police drone or was destroyed by Markus. Tina and her partner receive reports of the police drone being destroyed. If Markus and North choose to hide, Tina will get out of the car with her partner to investigate the disappearance of the drone. Markus can hack the police radio signal and pose as a police dispatcher to send them to the other side of town to get rid of them. If Markus chose to kiss North, Tina and her partner will drive by without getting out of the car.

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Notes Edit

  • Tina and Officer Person share the same badge number(#5195).
  • Her name tag says her name is "Sarah Lee". This can't be right as her name is given in "Capitol Park".
    • Also, the name is seen on other female police officer's jackets in different chapters.

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